Gabrielle Union’s Gym Body Is Mind-Blowing In Tye-Dye Spandex Crop Top & Leggings

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Gabrielle Union is one fierce lady. The America’s Got Talent judge has one of the hardest bodies in Hollywood, with fans of the 46-year-old regularly finding their jaws dropping at just how fit Gabrielle is. The L.A.’s Finest actress is known for sharing her sweat sessions to social media via her Stories – clearly, Tuesday’s workout was one that Gabrielle was up for broadcasting.

On Tuesday morning, Gabrielle took to her Instagram Stories. The footage showed the mother of one putting her all into her workout, although it did double up as a pretty sensational style display. Gabrielle was rocking a skin-tight and spandex ensemble comprised of leggings and a crop top, with a fun gray-and-white color palette jazzed up by tye-dye motifs. The star didn’t seem out to flaunt her body – with the level of concentration being manifested, Gabrielle likely had little time to focus on parading herself around. The star appeared hooked up to various pieces of equipment as she went down the resistance route, with fans seeing Gabrielle’s muscles challenged by some hardcore weights.

Gabrielle was definitely huffing and puffing. That said, the star looked impeccable for someone mid-workout. Gabrielle’s glowing complexion was visible from beneath a baseball cap – of course, gray hues here matched the reality judge’s outfit and her trendy sneakers.

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When it comes to having a body that reflects the work put in, Gabrielle flies the flag. The star might not fill her Instagram’s permanent posts with many workout videos, but followers of Gabrielle’s Instagram Stories will know that hitting up the workout room is a regular deal for the star.

Speaking to Shape about health and fitness, Gabrielle revealed that focusing on training isn’t where it ends. This fitness fiend keeps her eye on the recovery process as much as the workout itself.

“I use these things that kind of look like drills with different heads on them and different speeds and pressures, and there is nothing that can work out knots and kinks post-workout than those things. As I’m trying to really hit it and go beast mode, I need it in my life every day. I make sure to take care of my body afterward using the Normatec and icing and stretching and cupping, getting bodywork done, cryotherapy, all that is important. But I can’t live without that massage drill thing.”

Of course, Gabrielle’s social media brings her fans plenty of pleasure by virtue of showcasing her marriage to Dwyane Wade, plus adorable photos and videos of their daughter Kaavia James. Fans wishing to see more of Gabrielle should give her Instagram a follow.