August 20, 2019
Live Action President Lila Rose Says Planned Parenthood Is 'Aiding Child Rapists'

Lila Rose, the president of anti-abortion advocacy group Live Action, says that Planned Parenthood is "aiding child rapists."

In a series of tweets, Rose accused the women's health provider of aiding child rapists and destroying evidence of their crimes via abortion. She also named names.

The first tweet came on August 15, when she made the accusation that Planned Parenthood had been "caught undercover" showing a willingness to cover up such crimes.

"Planned Parenthood has: Aided child rapists in destroying the 'evidence' of their crimes with abortion Been caught on undercover camera at 8 locations willing to cover up sex abuse of children If you're against sex abuse, you should be against Planned Parenthood," the tweet reads.

In a second tweet, Rose named five men and the ages of their victims, whom she alleges had gone to Planned Parenthood for either abortions or "BC," which is generally understood to refer to birth control.

"Not one rapist was reported to authorities," Rose wrote.

The evidence for both of these claims comes from a report published on Live Action's website that claims to include undercover videos of Planned Parenthood employees and/or volunteers offering to cover up child sex abuse as well as court documents detailing the crimes committed.

For example, the second tweet mentions Sage Lanza. In 2008, according to Manchester, Connecticut's Journal Inquirer, Sage was reportedly involved in a sexual relationship with at least two underage girls. One of them, who was 14-years-old at the time, claimed that Lanza "forced" her to have an abortion; that Lanza scheduled an appointment for an abortion for her at an Enfield, Connecticut, Planned Parenthood clinic; and supposedly Lanza's father drove her to the appointment.

Live Action alleges that Planned Parenthood employees did not notify the police that a teenager had been in a purported sexual relationship with an adult man and that it was the victim herself who reported the crime, months after the fact.

The report goes on to mention the names of other men who allegedly committed sexual crimes against children and teenagers, some of whose names weren't included in Rose's tweet. For example, the report mentions someone named Asa King, who reportedly had a sexual relationship with a young girl that lasted for eight years, beginning when she was 10-years-old. When he allegedly impregnated her at the age of 14, she went for an abortion at Planned Parenthood. The agency reportedly did not report this crime to authorities.

On Planned Parenthood's website, the agency states that it is required by law to contact law enforcement if it has "reason to believe you are being abused, neglected, or hurt."