John & Abbie Duggar Make It Official As They Announce They Are Expecting A Girl, More Details Revealed

John and Abbie DuggarInstagram

John and Abbie Duggar are going to be parents to a little baby girl in just a few months. The reality stars just had a gender reveal party where they let their family and friends in on what they are having.

Just a few hours after John and Abbie shared a few photos from their special day, TLC posted the official gender announcement on TLCMe on Tuesday. The expectant parents revealed in the video clip that they are indeed having a baby girl this winter and they shared how excited they are to welcome her into their family. The gender reveal party was held at the Duggar family home where Jim Bob and Michelle are raising their huge brood. The soon-to-be parents admitted that they knew what gender their baby was, but no one else knew, except for John’s twin sister Jana, who helped to throw the party together.

Abbie expressed how she feels about having a daughter.

“I’m so excited about hair bows, pink dresses, and lot of sparkles,” she said.

It was revealed in the couple’s wedding episodes of Counting On that the 27-year-old nurse loves sparkles. She had plenty of them on her wedding dress and now it looks like she will love putting sparkly outfits on her baby girl.

John David said that he is looking forward to having a girl as well. He toted that this is actually his “second baby girl,” calling his wife his first. He has no doubt that their daughter will be as pretty as her mama.

For the gender reveal party, the TLC couple went went their usual flight theme. They handed out “boarding passes” that contained a special flight number. Jeremiah Duggar took to the skies in an airplane and flew over the house with the winning flight number. Pink confetti was also blown out of cannons to help celebrate the big reveal.

That pink confetti was the big giveaway that they are having a girl, as The Inquisitr had previously detailed. John and Abbie’s Instagram photo from Tuesday morning dropped the bomb sooner than expected when fans saw the pink confetti all over the lawn in the photo.

Abbie revealed that her first trimester was a rough one. Now that she is into her second trimester, she said that she is finally feeling “like a human again.”

It doesn’t appear that they will be doing too much to decorate a nursery for their firstborn. John and Abbie said that they will probably just put the crib into the guest room, which already has pink drapes in it. They will add in some decorative sheets and a few pictures on the wall and that will be their nursery.

John and Abbie’s pregnancy is sure to be documented on the upcoming season of TLC’s Counting On this fall.