Shirtless Liam Hemsworth Spotted With Bikini-Clad Girls In Beach Paparazzi Photos

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

The media eye is definitely focused on Liam Hemsworth right now. The 29-year-old made global headlines earlier this month for splitting from wife Miley Cyrus, with gossip columns appearing to feed off The Hunger Games actor’s relationship troubles. The SHE IS COMING singer announced that her marriage was over on August 10.

Liam has been spotted in Byron Bay, Australia. The actor appears to have been spending time in his native country since becoming single, with a fresh batch of photos showing how he’s doing. As The Daily Mail reports today, Liam was spotted spending time with his brother Chris at the beach. The two siblings were mostly photographed together and with other males. Unsurprisingly given the setting, all the men were shirtless and wearing swimming trunks.

The newspaper’s images showed Liam with an all-male crowd, although they also showed moments where females appeared to have joined the acting duo and their buddies. The ladies didn’t appear to have formed the initial part of the squad as Liam and his pals were alone. The bikini and swimsuit-clad ladies did, however, appear to be communicating with the stars in other photos.

Despite the company, Liam did not appear to smile much, as The Daily Mail chronicled. Given that this star is freshly single and likely suffering some level of emotional stress as a result of his reported failed marriage, the lack of smiles would likely have fans understanding.

Headlines since Miley and Liam’s split have mostly revolved around Miley’s activities. The 26-year-old was quick to embark on what appeared to be a relationship with Brody Jenner’s ex Kaitlynn Carter. Shortly after announcing her split, Miley was photographed making out with Kaitlynn.

Friday night also saw Miley make headlines for a reported PDA with the blogger, per Page Six. A source reporting to the media outlet seemed to suggest that the two ladies were getting intense.

“They were obsessed with each other. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were kissing and making out everywhere. In the bathroom, at the bar, in the middle of the floor. There’s no question they’re together,” the source said.

Miley and Liam tied the knot at the end of December 2018 following many years as an on-off couple. Their nuptials were unannounced, with fans only finding out about the wedding after the event. July and the beginning of August brought concern from Miley’s fans after she seemed to have distanced herself from Liam. Clearly, the suspicions were on the right tracks.

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