Mike Pompeo Slammed As ‘Obsequious’ To Donald Trump, ‘A Heat-Seeking Missile For Trump’s A**,’ By Ex-Officials

Olivier DoulieryGetty Images

In the 2016 Republican presidential primary campaign, current Donald Trump administration Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was far from a Trump supporter. Then a Republican congressional rep from Kansas who had come into office as part of the Tea Party wave in 2010, Pompeo endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio for president — a candidate who openly slammed Trump as a “con artist,” as The Washington Post reported.

Pompeo himself was equally blunt in his attacks on Trump, blasting the then-Republican candidate as an “authoritarian” and calling to turn out the “lights on the circus” of the Trump campaign, per The Week.

But Pompeo was nonetheless appointed director of the Central Intelligence Agency by Trump. Then in April of 2018, Trump appointed Pompeo Secretary of State after firing his original Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Prior to his termination, Tillerson reportedly referred to Trump as a “f*****g moron” and subsequently issued a strong condemnation of the Russian government for a chemical weapons attack in the United Kingdom, according to a New Yorker report.

From Pompeo’s earlier position as an outspoken Trump critic, according to an in-depth profile of the 55-year-old published Tuesday by The New Yorker, the former aerospace entrepreneur has now transformed into the most unquestioningly loyal member of the Trump administration, defining his job as doing “whatever [Trump] asks of him,” according to New Yorker investigative reporter Susan B. Glasser.

Mike Pompeo (l) was formerly suspicious of Donald Trump (r), but has now come to embrace him.Featured image credit: Olivier DoulieryGetty Images

In fact, Pompeo has so completely embraced Trump that other administration officials describe him as acting “sycophantic and obsequious” toward Trump, even in private, according to Glasser’s reporting. One former United States ambassador described Pompeo to Glasser as “a heat-seeking missile for Trump’s a**.”

Pompeo’s 2010 congressional campaign was funded primarily by the right-wing billionaires Charles and David Koch and their business Koch Industries. In fact, as recently as 2016, no member of Congress benefited more from Koch financial support than Pompeo, according to Open Secrets.org data.

But the Koch brothers, who were among the primary architects and funders of the Tea Party movement that brought Pompeo to Washington, D.C., as Time.com reported, have continued to oppose Trump.

As recently as January of this year, the Kochs said that they will not support Trump’s bid for reelection in 2020, according to The Washington Post.

But Pompeo remains unswervingly loyal to Trump, according to Glasser’s report. An evangelical Christian, Pompeo has even sought to find a Biblical rationale for Trump’s sudden rise to political power, believing “it’s possible that God raised up Trump as a modern Queen Esther.”

In the Bible, Esther is the secretly Jewish queen of Persia who persuades her husband the king to save the Jewish people living under Persian rule from a mass slaughter planned by the king’s top adviser, according to the Jewish Virtual Library. Esther is celebrated annually by the Jewish holiday of Purim.