Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Nicholson Impression Is Perfect [Video]

Leonardo DiCaprio does Jack Nicholson Impression

Leonardo DiCaprio has played his fair share of famous people in movies. For example, he took on the role of J. Edgar Hoover, and he stepped into the shoes of Howard Hughes in The Aviator. What many DiCaprio fans might not realize is that he also plays living legends pretty darn well, specifically film legend and Oscar winner Jack Nicholson.

DiCaprio appeared this week on a Japanese TV show where he showed off his facial impersonation skills.

Watch the video below and at the 2:20 mark you will see DiCaprio scrunch up his face, furrow his eyebrows, and look at the camera.

We can’t really be all that surprised by Leonardo’s expression considering the fact that he has so flawlessly taken on dozen’s of different persona’s in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, DiCaprio doesn’t do his very best Jack Nicholson voice. Based on the facial expression in the video, we would give DiCaprio our vote of approval for The Shining II.

We have a feeling the the A-list actor developed the facial expression while working on the Martin Scorcese film The Departed (pictured above). Perhaps this was DiCaprio’s way of getting back at Nicholson after the elder actor pulled a real gun on DiCaprio during shooting. Nicholson pulled the unexpected weapon in order to elicit real fear from his younger co-star.

Here’s the video of Leonardo DiCaprio doing his best Jack Nicholson impression. Let us know what you think:

In the meantime, Leonardo DiCaprio has completed work on The Wolf of Wall Street, and his movie The Great Gatsby is set for a 2013 release.

With biopics all the rage these days, perhaps we will one day see DiCaprio do his best Jack Nicholson impression in an actual movie. Maybe he could even play Nicholson’s son in an upcoming film.

What did you think of DiCaprio’s Jack Nicholson impression?