Jordan Kimball Speaks Out After Wild ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Beach Brawl With Christian Estrada

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' stars got into it over a piñata.

Bachelor in Paradise star Jordan Kimball
Paul Hebert / ABC

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' stars got into it over a piñata.

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the most recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6.

It was the most dramatic fight ever seen on Bachelor in Paradise. Two cocky cast members, Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada, got into a heated beach brawl during Monday night’s episode, and it ended with them both being sent home on the spot.

After Kimball messed with a piñata Estrada had set up during his alone time with Nicole Lopez-Alvar, all hell broke loose on the beach in Mexico. Bachelor in Paradise crew members intervened as both men threw punches, with Estrada breaking free at one point to charge across the beach at Kimball.

In the end, the fight sealed the fate of the two men, and they were both sent packing. Host Chris Harrison later explained to the rest of the cast, “We have a zero-tolerance policy” when it comes to violence.

So what did Kimball have to say about his short-lived stint on Bachelor in Paradise? The model took to Twitter to respond after the scene aired on ABC.

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles,” Kimball wrote.

According to E! News, Kimball also commented on the brawl in another tweet, saying, “I’ve been wrestling alligators since the age of 3.”

Several fans responded to Kimball to react to his “impressive” body slam moves and to say the show won’t be the same without him. Others noted that Kimball will never be invited back to The Bachelor franchise in the future, after appearances on The Bachelorette and last season’s Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise stars who were on the scene when the fight took place in June told E! they thought it was “staged ” at first. But it soon became clear the fist fighting was painfully real.

Fan favorite Mike Johnson said, “I think that Jordan and Christian, their ego probably got the best of them.”

Johnson revealed that he sipped tequila as he watched the fight and didn’t want to interrupt Kimball and Estrada because he “wanted to make sure that they got out what they needed to get out.” Johnson added that he was confident Bachelor producers would make sure the two men were safe as they escorted them off of the beach.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison teased the epic fight ahead of the Bachelor in Paradise episode. Harrison told E! that while emotions fly in Paradise, producers “have to draw the line somewhere and a physical altercation is where we draw the line.”

“We don’t mind if things get heated,” the Bachelor in Paradise host added. “There’s a lot of Type A personalities, a lot of testosterone flying but it can’t get physical and it did and we broke it up.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.