Melissa Claire Egan Showcases ‘Y&R’ Co-Star Michelle Stafford’s Unique Lipstick Hiding Place

Monty BrintonCBS

Today, The Young and the Restless stars Melissa Claire Egan and Michelle Stafford did some interviews to provide some teaser spoilers for the upcoming storyline featuring their characters Chelsea and Phyllis. They revealed some intriguing details, but perhaps the most interesting is Stafford’s hiding place for Egan’s lipstick during their interviews.

The co-stars had a big day filled with interviews, and Egan really wanted to keep her lipstick with her to freshen up in between talks. Stafford stepped in to save the day. Egan wore a high necked pink top, but Stafford had on a red peek-a-boo shirt, which showcased plenty of cleavage, but it also provided a little spot for Egan’s cosmetics. In a video she posted to Twitter, Egan handed her co-star the tube, and Stafford popped it right into her bra, and it disappeared under the shirt completely.

“Takin it for the team!!” Stafford replied.

Chrishell Hartley, who portrayed Bethany on Y&R and is the wife of Adam Newman number three, Justin Hartley, also chimed in with her approval of Stafford’s cosmetics storage methods.

“I can seriously hear the giggles between you two as you came up with the idea. Love love having you both back,” replied a viewer.

According to Soaps In Depth, Egan and Stafford previewed that things get wild between Chelsea and Chloe, especially during the big party for the opening party at The Grand Phoenix Hotel. In fact, things get so crazy that the women believe they have a storyline that includes something that has never happened before in daytime television, which is saying something. It seems that there is nothing new under the sun in the soap opera genre, and it has all been done more than once. Their spoilers’ tease is intriguing because it is almost impossible to imagine what will happen.

“There’s this huge party that we throw for the opening of the Grand Phoenix,” Egan previewed, “this hotel that’s this big venture. And some crazy stuff happens there. You have to watch. We can’t really say. It’s never really been done in daytime, I don’t think, but what happens at the party is like, bananas. It’s actually funny, too!”

Chelsea stabs Phyllis in the back, which earns her the redhead’s wrath. Phyllis desperately wants the new hotel to be successful, and she’s rebuilding her life, so anything Chelsea does that could mess things up will undoubtedly leave Phyllis furious. Right now, Chelsea has bags of cash that need to be laundered, so there is no telling what will happen.