Demi Rose's Gold-Metallic String Bikini Blows Instagram's Mind In Triple Update

Demi Rose may one day find herself officially crowned as Instagram's bikini queen. While the status doesn't yet exist, the model's fans would likely argue that she'd take the top slot if the title was ever to be introduced. Demi has returned to Instagram for a sizzling triple update. Suffice to say that the 24-year-old rocking a gold bikini today has been blowing the platform's mind.

Demi's photos today showed her shot outdoors amid exotic cacti and a tree trunk. The model was flaunting her voluptuous curves in a minuscule two-piece that was ticking boxes for bold colors, shimmering effects, plus the showcasing of the model's enviable curves. Demi hadn't been photographed in full length, but the camera had more than taken in her curvy hips, slender waist, flat stomach, and ample cleavage. The bikini may have been minuscule and strung, but this is one star who can handle a challenging wardrobe. The star delivered her hourglass shape and deep tan with the same caliber that she did her striking beauty – this model isn't just followed for her bikini body.

Demi was photographed with her long hair down and her face made up to match the statement effects being generated from her swimwear. Golden and blackened eye makeup accentuated the model's features, and discreet contouring brought out Demi's features. This star goes natural with many of her updates, but something about today's feel seemed to see a little glam as appropriate.

Demi's update seems to have proven a hit (alongside knocking her fans sideways).

The update had racked up more than 97,000 likes within one hour of going live. The same time frame brought more than 800 fans into the comments section.

"Demi Rose you're absolutely killing me with your beauty!" one fan wrote.

"Geeeeeeeeezuss christ," another added.

Replies came in various languages, with many fans opting for emoji responses. Demi herself may be British, but her fame is now international. The star has left her U.K. roots for a life in Los Angeles, California, although many of Demi's updates see her on the move. Demi has recently updated her social media from luxurious settings in Bali, with previous updates showing her travels in the Middle East.Demi may be famous for her curves, but the model has battled food in a serious way. Demi has shared that she recovered from an eating disorder on social media, although her troubles seem to be a thing of the past. Demi even admitted that she'd eaten an entire pot of nuts in one day, per The Daily Mail. A little guilt seemed to be manifesting, but Demi did seem able to allow herself the occasional treat.

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