Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shiloh’s Teases Of A Co-Conspirator Tempt ‘Drew’ To Reveal Key Intel

Coby Ryan McLaughlin plays Shiloh on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

Monday’s episode of General Hospital had some juicy scenes and spoilers for Tuesday’s show suggest that viewers will learn quite a bit more soon. Shiloh is sitting behind bars and as luck would have it, he’s currently in a cell directly across from where Franco is being held. Franco is still reeling from this memory switch situation and now viewers know that there’s someone else involved in all of this too.

General Hospital spoilers had teased that Monday’s show would contain a flashback involving Helena Cassadine and Shiloh, who was going as Hank back in his days in Afghanistan. Viewers now know that Hank was paid handsomely by Helena to help her get her hands on Drew and he teased that there was someone else who showed up who was involved in this.

Shiloh offered up a trade to “Drew.” He told Franco that if he shared the location of the money that Shiloh’s desperate to get his hands on, Shiloh would reveal who else was with Helena that night. Viewers saw a dark figure walk up at the end of the scene and given how Shiloh is framing this, it certainly seems as if it’ll be someone significant both to “Drew” and to viewers.

According to SheKnows Soaps, viewers will see more from Shiloh during Tuesday’s show as he tries to negotiate this information swap with Franco. Who could Helena’s accomplice be? Social media went wild with speculation as this played out and there are some interesting theories swirling around.

One popular guess is that it could be Jerry Jacks, Jax’s brother. Jerry has been involved in plenty of nefarious schemes before and some wonder if Jax and Hayden’s partnership and secretive mission could tie into this in some way.

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Valentin is another popular guess, and fans wouldn’t necessarily be too surprised to learn that Valentin had been involved in this all those years ago. It’s not clear whether the timeline would really fit here, but it’s still definitely a possibility.

Other guesses across Twitter include Peter or Faison as Helena’s conspirator. In addition, given all the hints recently about Nikolas perhaps being brought back, his name has been mentioned too.

Viewers may want to brace themselves that the identity of this mystery co-conspirator may not be revealed quite yet. Are fans on the right track with these theories or will the show head in an entirely different direction with this?

Can Franco get his memories back and will someone soon kill off Shiloh as many people suspect will happen soon? Additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge soon and everybody will be anxious to learn more.