Ana Cheri Thrills Fans In A Jaw-Dropping Black Bikini

Ana CheriInstagram

Ana Cheri got the week off to a sexy start by updating her Instagram account with a snap in which she wore a black bikini that showed off her beach body.

In the photo, Cheri stood on a wooden staircase that was outside. She wore a black bikini that showed off the fabulous figure. The bikini bottoms featured three silver chain belts, drawing the eye to Cheri’s slender waist. The bikini top had a plunging neckline and showcased plenty of Cheri’s ample cleavage. Also on display was Cheri’s sun-kissed smooth skin. Cheri wore a full face of makeup and wore her hair over one shoulder. With one hand on the rail and one knee bent, she posed for the camera with her eyes looking as if they were closed. In one hand, the beauty held a pair of flip-flops looking as if she were ready to take a barefoot walk on the beach before jumping in the water.

In the photo’s caption, Cheri indicated that she was still half asleep. Cheri may have been sleepy in the snap, but her fans were drooling over how sexy she looked.

“You got the body of a goddess,” one fan told the fitness model, while another said she looked beautiful in everything she wore.

“Queen of ig,” one admirer said.

“Beach Body Ready,” another follower wrote.

One fan said Cheri was a “dream” while another told the beauty she was like an angel.

On admirer even went as far as to say that Cheri was the new Kim Kardashian.

As with most of Cheri’s photos, the snap was wildly popular. The post racked up more than 59,000 likes and over 500 comments within an hour of going live.

Those kinds of numbers are not unusual for the Instagram sensation, who knows how to keep her 12.4 million followers entertained.

The 33-year-old social media sensation seems to enjoy sharing a variety of snaps on Instagram. From what she wears to some of her favorite workouts, Cheri likes to keep her fans guessing on what she will share next.

The beauty works hard to keep her body in shape. She runs Cheri Fit, which offers workout plans for women who want to get fit. The company also sells fitness apparel for men and women. She also works at Be More Athletics, a gym that is run by her husband, Ben Moreland.

Fans wanting to stay up to date with Cheri can follow her Instagram account.