‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers Tease Distress For Liz, Threats From ‘Drew,’ & Anxiety For Carly & Sonny

Matt PetitWalt Disney Television

A new sneak peek filled with juicy General Hospital spoilers is out, and the week of August 19 is going to be filled with rocky and intense moments. Franco received Drew’s memories, and this is going to have much of Port Charles feeling shaken. Teasers also indicate that there is more with Carly’s challenging pregnancy coming up this week, too.

The new preview was shared to the show’s Twitter page on Monday morning. General Hospital spoilers detail that Elizabeth will be greatly worried about Franco as well as her family’s future.

Elizabeth will do her best to support Cameron, who will surely be dealing with a lot of guilt and grief over this. It appears that Liz will even ask Chelsea the psychic if she sees this being something that they’ll deal with forever.

The Inquisitr had previously teased that Franco and Shiloh would come face-to-face this week, and the preview teases a bit of that. As some suspected, this will come as both men are being held at the PCPD, and “Drew” will have nothing positive to say to Shiloh, who went by Hank when the two men were in Afghanistan.

Shiloh had played off their previous connection as a friendly one, but the real Drew had come to suspect otherwise. Viewers have since seen in flashbacks that Shiloh was just as shady during his days in Afghanistan as he is now, and it looks as if Franco won’t hesitate to call him out.

The new sneak peek also teases that Sonny and Carly will face uncertainty with their pregnancy. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jax will ask Carly if there is a reason to worry about her and the baby, and it’ll be interesting to see if Carly opens up to Jax about what their family is facing with the baby’s medical issues.

This week will seemingly focus heavily on the Franco/Drew/Shiloh situation. The Inquisitr has shared that there will be a flashback involving Helena Cassadine, and it sounds as if there will be some build-up to Billy Miller’s impending exit as Drew.

Can this memory swap be reversed? Could Shiloh’s big move to use Franco as the recipient of these memories of Drew’s perhaps ultimately be what finally destroys his hold over Port Charles? Additional General Hospital spoilers regarding what comes next will emerge as the week of August 19 plays out, and it’s shaping up to be quite the wild ride.