‘Playboy’ Vixen Rachel Cook Flaunts Her Insane Abs And Cleavage In Tiny Mesh Crop Top

Rochelle BrodinGetty Images for L.A. Hearts/PacSun

Playboy bombshell Rachel Cook has spent a good part of the past few months traveling the country and hitting up music festivals. Based on her latest Instagram post, she’s ready to hit another one, and she’s already embracing the vibe of the event.

On Sunday, the 24-year-old American model shared a throwback photo to her Instagram page. In the caption, she noted that she was looking forward to the upcoming Bass Canyon festival that is set to take place this coming weekend in Washington. To get herself in the mood, she shared a throwback photo that is seemingly from the same event in a prior year.

Cook tagged the photo with the Bass Canyon Instagram tag, but she didn’t mention when this photo was originally taken. Based on her hairstyle, this is not necessarily recent. However, Rachel’s body looks just as incredible now as it did when the snap was taken, and her fans can never get enough of this type of look from her.

In the photo, Rachel was wearing green denim jeans that hung low on her waist. She had one hand tucked in a pocket, which served to tug the jeans down ever so slightly. Cook paired the green jeans with a white mesh bralette, and she had black tape covering her nipples to complement the see-through top.

In addition to flaunting plenty of cleavage with this daring ensemble, Cook’s look showcased her chiseled abs. The Playboy model is known in large part for those insane abs as well as her pert derriere, and the focus was definitely on her flat tummy versus her curvy backside in this instance.

Rachel had her hair in a darker-than-usual hue and she was wearing bangs, along with a handful of concert bracelets on one wrist and a bold choker necklace. The bright lights of the concert stage could be seen behind her, and Cook definitely appears to be enjoying the festival.

The Playboy model has 2.5 million followers on Instagram, and they loved this throwback look. In less than 12 hours, more than 130,000 people had liked this new post.

A few days ago, Cook shared in a new YouTube video that change is on the horizon for her. As Rachel’s fans know, she’s been living in a van with her boyfriend Tyler, and they’ve been traveling the country. Now, however, she has a big project coming together that means she needs to be in Los Angeles for a while.

Rachel explained that she’s sad to walk away from van life, but she’s excited about the magazine she’s going to focus on launching. In addition, her boyfriend Tyler will be staying in Washington so he can finish college, adding another layer of difficulty to these big changes.

It looks like this upcoming music festival may be a last hurrah for Rachel Cook in a sense. She may need to stay put in Los Angeles to dig into this new project, but she’s squeezing a little more crazy fun out of summer while she can. Given this bold, sexy look from a previous year, the Playboy model’s fans will be anxious to see what she wears as she embraces the Bass Canyon festival this coming weekend.