‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Find Out Why Reality Steve Thinks There Could Be A ‘Major Problem’ Moving Forward

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Reality Steve is one of the most cited sources for spoilers related to Bachelor Nation. And in one of his newer posts, he discussed what he believes could be a “major problem” for the Bachelor in Paradise series. And it’s all about the premise of the show versus the reality of what transpires in paradise.

For one, Steve said that “it’s just not the same show it once was.” And for him, what it once was included things like being “light hearted” and an “easier watch.”

And it’s true that the show is touted as a summer show, one that’s supposed to be less strict than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette in its premise. After all, it’s not a show about tons of women vying for one man, or a ton of men vying for one woman. It’s almost a free-for-all amongst the contestants, and in theory, there’s less pressure for people to fall in love with a specific person.

But it would seem that this year’s season, Season 6, has proven to be anything but light-hearted or easy to watch.

The perfect example is the drama surrounding Blake, which is seemingly taking on a life of its own as fans chime in with their opinions. And as many fans may already know, Blake released a series of private texts between him and Caelynn that showed the latter discussing how their encounter would be purely sexual, nothing more.

But this drama between Caelynn and Blake is arguably difficult for anyone to watch, regardless of whose side they may be on. Caelynn previously opened up during Colton’s season of The Bachelor about her past traumatic experience being a survivor of sexual assault.

Even so, it’s not Blake’s drama that Reality Steve honed in on, but rather, the way that cast members were talking smack about Hannah and Nicole. The two women have been pursuing multiple men, which doesn’t seem to be well-received by others in paradise.

However, Steve pointed out that the premise of the show is for these singles to mingle.

It may just be that the cast members are also taking their time in paradise very seriously, rather than as a fun way to enjoy a summer. This could be attributed to the number of successful couples to be born out of BiP, which include fan-favorite pairings.

A few examples include last year’s successful couples, Grocery Store Joe and Kendall, along with Krystal and Chris.