August 18, 2019
Jasmine Sanders Rocks Impossibly Tight Plunge Swimsuit That Was Hard To Put On & Take Off

Jasmine Sanders shared a brand new swimsuit pic today. And it's likely going to receive a ton of likes, with over 5,000 hitting the like button in just the first 10 minutes.

The swimsuit that Sanders wore was a metallic color, with blue and purple hues. It had a major plunge neckline, along with multiple thin bands that wrapped around her waist in the front. Plus, similar bands were visible in the front, which pulled together the front of her swimsuit. The cut on the bottoms was also very small, and it rested high on her waist.

Sanders posed in front of a body of water, as she popped her right hip and accentuated her curves. She also placed both of her hands by her neck, while angling her elbows into the air.

The model tilted her head to her right, while leaving her lips slightly open in the shot. Her hair looked completely drenched, as she slicked it back.

Jasmine's makeup looked very simple, and consisted of pink lip liner, along with metallic eyeshadow. Her infinity tattoo peeked through, and she opted to go simple with no jewelry or accessories.

Most of Jasmine's fans responded to her captions, which talked about how hard it was for her to get the swimsuit on and off.

"I'm sure Ross from friends knows how you feel," commented a fan, likely referring to the episode where he couldn't get his leather pants off.

"D*mn now that I look at it, it does look like something hard to get on and off," said another fan.

"And I thought the pattern just made it seem tight on you. Still beautiful though," noted a follower.

"I can appreciate the effort," said another follower.

"I can tell. Squeezing you to Death! Lol," said an Instagram user.

But that wasn't all, as Sanders' fans added more comments about the impossibly tight ensemble.

"Lol! I can see it. But how can something so wrong look so right!" exclaimed a fan.

There were also several people who joked about the process of putting on the swimwear.

"I would have helped you out of it... lol Sorry couldn't resist," said a follower.

"Wish i could have helped... Need an intern?!" joked another follower.

Plus, other Instagram users gushed about the model's good looks.

"Beautiful & SEXY AF!!!" said a fan.

"It's so cute tho," added another fan.

"Pure glowing beauty," declared a follower.

"Absolutely gorgeous," said another follower.