August 18, 2019
Prince Andrew Reportedly Hosted Jeffrey Epstein At Balmoral When The Queen Was In Residence

A source that claims to have been part of Jeffrey Epstein's entourage invited to visit Prince Andrew at Balmoral in Scotland says that Epstein personally brought a young model with him to the queen's home in the Scottish town when the monarch was in residence.

The Daily Mail is reporting that despite Prince Andrew's assertions that he didn't know what Epstein was involved in when it came to predatory behavior with young girls, it would have been obvious to the royal in 1999 when he was a guest at the palace in Scotland.

"One of the young women on the trip told the Daily Mail how the prince personally welcomed the party to the castle in mid-1999 – after the disgraced US financier had already begun recruiting dozens of underage girls as sex slaves," the report claimed.

In his most recent statement, the Duke of York said he was "appalled" to hear that Epstein had exploited young women, adding that he would never condone such behavior, let alone participate in it.

But this story about Prince Andrew hosting Jeffrey Epstein and friends at Balmoral is just one piece of the puzzle about the prince's involvement with the sexual predator, who died by suicide in a New York prison.

The young model who claims that she joined Epstein at Balmoral, explains that the prince was a great host.

"He was really nice. He was very polite. [He had his] guard up," she said.

The year after this visit to Balmoral, in June of 2000, Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were said to have attended a party at Windsor Castle hosted by the queen to mark Andrew's 40th birthday, Princess Anne's 50th, Princess Margaret's 70th, and Prince William's 18th.

One of the women who claims to have been enslaved by Epstein, Virginia Roberts, explains that she had sex with Prince Andrew three times, all before she turned 18-years-old.

Buckingham Palace released a statement after the prince "vehemently" denied any role is Epstein's dirty deeds.

"Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue. It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts."
The young model, who has not shared her name, claims that she was sickened when she learned everything that went on with Epstein and Prince Andrew.

When the news of Epstein's death reached the U.K., Prince Andrew was in Scotland with his mother, his daughters, and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson. The Duke and Duchess of York left soon after and are now vacationing in Spain.