August 18, 2019
'The Hills: New Beginnings' Star Whitney Port Says She Hasn't Spoken To Lauren Conrad In Years

Whitney Port is reportedly not as close to her former The Hills co-star Lauren Conrad as she once was.

Us Weekly reports that while Port and Conrad were close while they filmed the original MTV reality show in the early 2000s, the two haven't spoken to each other in years. Port was reportedly asked during a live taping of her podcast With Whit if she had spoken to Conrad since the new season of The Hills: New Beginnings launched in June. Port then responded and confirmed that she and Conrad hadn't spoken in two years, after Conrad gave birth to her son, Liam James Tell in 2017. Port also gave birth to her son, Sonny Sanford Rosenman that same year.

"We haven't," she replied. "We spoke, honestly, the last time right around when our sons were both born. … They're, like, three weeks apart. So we talked around then, but we haven't chatted since then."

In addition to losing contact with each other, Port addressed why she's currently not following the L.A. Candy author on Instagram. She said she simply "doesn't follow a lot of people" on the popular app.

Fans of The Hills recall that Port was initially introduced on The Hills as Conrad's co-worker at Teen Vogue, where they both worked as interns. Port's appearance on the show landed her a spinoff called The City, which premiered in 2008 and lasted for two seasons, per MTV. Shortly after, Conrad left The Hills and was replaced as the show's lead by Kristin Cavallari.

Port says that when she signed on to The Hills: New Beginnings, she would've liked to have seen both Conrad and Cavallari on the new show. She said that she was "disappointed" that the two stars didn't want to come back to the series, as they were the "main people." She also said that she would like all of the current and former cast members of the reality drama to reunite and "catch up."

Entertainment Tonight shared back in June that Conrad reportedly hasn't spoken to many members of her former co-stars. The podcast host is reportedly only still in contact with Frankie Delgado and his wife Jennifer, who shared how she reacted when they told her they would be on the show.

"Lauren's a really close friend of Jennifer's. She's a sweetheart. I think she wants what's best for us. I think she's that kind of person. She wishes me the best," Delgado said during an interview before the show's premiere. "I don't think she has anything against the show. I think... she's moved on to bigger and better things."