N.J. Woman Allegedly Burned Down Home Of Man Who Called For Sex At 4 A.M., Then Fell Asleep Before She Arrived

A picture of a house fire.
kolyaeg / Pixabay

A New Jersey man may have learned the hard way — if you call up a woman at 4 a.m. for sex, it’s best to stay awake until she arrives.

Police in Woodbury said that 29-year-old Taija Russell decided to get revenge after getting a very late night booty call and arriving to find that her date was snoozing. As the New York Daily News reported, Russell allegedly showed up to the unnamed man’s home to find the man had already turned in for the night, then decided to go to a nearby gas station to buy lighter fluid and a lighter before returning to set his house on fire.

The report noted that the woman, after calling the man back eight times and getting no answer, texted him a warning that read, “I see you wanna die” and “You wasted my money to come out here.” This all took place while the man’s home was burning to the ground, police said.

The strange circumstances of the allegations against Taija Russell earned some national interest, with a number of major news outlets picking up on the story and many sharing it on social media.

This is not the first time a booty call denial has led to a viral crime story. Back in 2015, a South Carolina woman was accused of threatening her boyfriend with a loaded gun because he rebuffed her sexual advances. As The Smoking Gun noted, police documents said that 33-year-old Ryan Rucker was asleep early on Valentine’s Day when his girlfriend, Michelle Smart, tried to make sexual advances on him. Rucker told police that he pushed his 30-year-old girlfriend off of him, leading her to grow enraged.

Smart told police a different story, saying that Rucker grew abusive after pushing her off of him, saying “he punched and kicked her multiple times.” Police noted that Smart changed her story several times, and charged her for the alleged attack.

The New Jersey incident may have had a couple of silver linings though. Police said that the man who was inside the home when the scorned date allegedly set it on fire was able to escape through a window and run to a nearby police station to summon help. The man did suffer from burns and smoke inhalation, the report noted, and his home was destroyed. However, firefighters were able to save the man’s dog.

Taija Russell has been charged with arson and attempted murder for the incident.