August 18, 2019
'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers: Find Out What Happens Between Demi Burnett & Derek Peth

So far on this year's season of Bachelor in Paradise, there's been plenty of drama. But one couple that seemed to avoid anything messy for a while was Demi Burnett and Derek Peth. The two coupled up almost immediately and have been spotted making out and hanging out plenty of times.

It wasn't until the most recent episode of BiP, that Demi had to get real with Derek about her bisexuality. Before Burnett opened up to him about her sexual preferences, however, she was seen telling both Hannah Brown and Katie Morton.

Derek was seen being very supportive of Demi but also wondered what it meant for him, that there was another person in the picture. And over and over again, Demi confessed that the girl she was dating in Los Angeles was on her mind constantly. The mystery girl is Kristian Haggerty, and we'll learn more about her soon.

So what becomes of Demi and Derek?

Well, we've already seen in previous teasers that Demi will be making out with Kristian. And according to Reality Steve, who seems to be the one that knows everything about Bachelor spoilers, it's not looking so great for Derek.

Steve mentions in a blog post that Demi will "drop them like hot potato" when Kristian enters the scene.

It's hard to know if Derek will be completely blindsided by the turn of events because so far, he's been seen talking about how great it is for him to spend time with Demi. It's hard to argue the two don't get along well, and perhaps things might have panned out for them had Burnett not been in a previous relationship.

And like several other men on BiP, Derek has been keeping his eye on Demi exclusively. It's not much different than how Dylan has been focused on Hannah or how Clay seems to only have eyes for Nicole. It just seemed that unlike the latter two relationships, Derek and Demi had something more solid. But that might just seem that way because Demi has yet to be asked on a one-on-one date.

After all, would Demi have said yes to Jordan? Or Mike? Or even Christian? It's hard to know. But since Hannah and Nicole were asked to go on dates, it gave them a chance to explore a different relationship.

For now, fans can look forward to learning all of the juicy details of Demi and Derek's relationship during next week's episodes.