August 18, 2019
'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers: Tayshia A. & John Paul Jones Connect, Fans Wonder About Their Current Status

Tayshia Adams' stint on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise started with a focus on Blake Horstmann, but the chaos swirling around him has her looking in other directions now. Spoilers suggest that she may soon decide that John Paul Jones has a certain charm that she's looking for, and fans are curious to know if the two are together now that filming is over.

A sneak peek shared by People shows that Monday night's episode will feature some fabulous moments for viewers who are keeping an eye on this potential duo. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from the preview tease that Jones will admit that Tayshia is the only lady there he is interested in pursuing.

Jones will talk about how nervous he feels around her, and he'll seemingly feel as if she's totally out of his league. As for Tayshia's feelings, she seems drawn to him, too. Tayshia and JPJ will end up sharing some kisses, and at one point, he'll even sweep her off her feet and carry her away.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers even share that Jones will talk about how happy he would be to have Tayshia as his wife. Could this duo really go the distance? Adams, 28, and Jones, 24, may not seem like the most logical match, and it seems likely they would have their work cut out for them to make a relationship work.

For example, Tayshia lives in California, while Jones is a Maryland guy. However, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve tease that at least during filming, these two hit it off and definitely developed some sort of romance

Jones will get a rose from Tayshia during the next rose ceremony, but Reality Steve shares that he will take newcomer Haley Ferguson on a steamy date after that. This pairing has been shown during some previews, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that he'll give Haley his rose at the following rose ceremony.

Derek Peth will give Tayshia his rose, although it doesn't sound as if there's any romance blooming there. According to Reality Steve, Derek and Jones will end up getting into a heated argument with one another, seemingly over Tayshia.

Apparently, Jones accuses Derek of using Tayshia and she takes Jones' side. This leaves Derek in tears and, ultimately, he quits the show.

After that, Tayshia gives her rose to John Paul Jones and the favor is returned during the following rose ceremony. However, once the couple faces the decision of staying together and doing an overnight date, or breaking up, Reality Steve's spoilers detail that they split. He says he believes she's the one who initiated the split.

Is that the end for Tayshia and Jones? Interestingly, there have been some rumors swirling that the two may have rekindled their romance off-screen and are currently dating. A reunion show is set to be taped soon, and it will air at the end of the season. Fans will learn more about this pairing soon.

It seems as if fans are embracing the idea of Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones together, and it'll be interesting to see how this relationship develops. Stay tuned for additional Bachelor in Paradise spoilers regarding their current status to see if Tayshia and Jones just might turn into one of the lasting couples of Season 6.