August 18, 2019
'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers: Find Out If Hannah Godwin Picks Dylan Or Blake During Next Rose Ceremony

Hannah Godwin has been one of the more sought-after women in this year's season of Bachelor in Paradise, and that means that she will have to choose between two contestants during the upcoming rose ceremony. While most fans will need to wait until Monday to find out what happens, here are the spoilers for those who can't wait until then.

The information is provided by Reality Steve, who seems to be the authority when it comes to spoilers surrounding Bachelor Nation. And according to Steve, Godwin will choose Dylan during the next rose ceremony, and not Blake.

This might not be entirely surprising to hear, considering that Hannah previously turned down Jordan for a one-on-one date in order to spend her time with Dylan. Even though it looked as though Godwin was ready to jet off on the date with Jordan, she later took back her "yes" and led Jordan to pick Nicole instead.

This wasn't necessarily helpful for Jordan, as Nicole returned from her date and proceeded to let Clay know that there was "no comparison" between the two men.

On the other hand, fans know that in the latest episode of BiP, Hannah dropped the bomb shell that Blake had flown to Alabama to meet her in person a week before the show started. While Hannah noted that they "kissed" when they met, fans have also come to know Blake as a bit of a player. After all, he slept with both Caelynn and Kristina on consecutive nights around the Stagecoach Festival.

This information seemed to upset Dylan, who has been seen dealing with a ton of ups and downs. For whatever reason, Dylan has been laser-focused on Hannah the entire time he has been in Paradise. It doesn't seem like he's interested in any other woman, and has put all of his cards on Godwin alone.

However, Godwin has been doing what many contestants do on the show, which is being open to dating different people. But this doesn't seem to be going over well with her fellow cast members, who don't seem to understand why Hannah would consider any man but Dylan.

But with that being said, this would hardly be the first time that someone wasn't necessarily on-board with an exclusive relationship right off the bat.

One example is Colton Underwood during a previous season of BiP when Tia was clearly interested in him right away. But Colton, instead of making a beeline for Tia, opted to talk to other girls first.

Fans can tune in on Monday to find out all of the juicy details of the next rose ceremony.