August 18, 2019
Kelly Ripa's Book Pick 'Three Women' About Female Sexuality Spends 5 Weeks On 'New York Times' Bestseller List

When Kelly Ripa took time off from Live with Kelly and Ryan to indulge in a family beach vacation this summer, the perky personality chose her reading material very carefully. While away in Europe, the television host took along a hard cover version of Three Women, Lissa Tadeo's nonfiction tome about female desire.

Not only did Kelly read the book, but she reviewed Taddeo's buzzy offering via Instagram. She called Three Women "breathtaking," and advised her social media audience of 2.4 million followers to read every aspect of the bestseller that has been on The New York Times list for five straight weeks.

Kelly wasn't the only person or entity to offer a positive review of Three Women. Others were just as enthusiastic, as reported by Amazon.

"Extraordinary…A nonfiction literary masterpiece…I can't remember the last time a book affected me as profoundly as Three Women," gushed City of Girls author Elizabeth Gilbert.

"The hottest book of the summer…Groundbreaking…Breathtaking…Staggeringly intimate," assessed Entertainment Weekly.

"The most in-depth look at the female sex drive that's been published in decades," reported New York magazine.

"The elements of intimacy, thrill and vulnerability is what has made this book one of the most anticipated books of the year," stated AOL.

The author gave insight into why she wrote the book Kelly Ripa took along on her summer holiday. In a short passage that the author scribed for Avid Reader Press about Three Women, Taddeo reasoned that history has shown how men have "broken women's hearts."

The author posted the words she wrote on Instagram. In part, the explanation included the thought that the men tend to shy away from giving whole-hearted love to the women in their lives.

"...[they] spend weeks and months extricating themselves soundlessly, pulling their tails back into their doorways, drying themselves off and never calling again..."
Beyond that generality, Three Women specifically delves into three distinctive and illuminating tales of desire. The information comes out of a decade of journalistic research, during which time the trio of women discussed their sex lives with Taddeo, states Good Reads.

The author met these gutsy and forthcoming females when she drove from one end of the country to the other.

One woman hails from Indiana. A homemaker and a mom, Lina discussed her decade-old, lackluster marriage with Taddeo.

Another subject comes from North Dakota. At 17-years-old, Maggie fell for a married man who left her on the exact day he turned 30-years-old. Her sad story continued after she brought up the relationship situation that eventually became a legal matter.

The third female featured in Three Women lives in a rarified Northeastern enclave. Sloane, who owns a fine dining restaurant, takes part in sex with multiple partners at her husband's behest. One such person causes this woman to face the reason why she has been living in what she discovers is a comprising situation.

Given the topic and insight Taddeo's nonfiction book offered her, the 48-year-old talk show personality, who often talks about her own sex life on Live with Kelly and Ryan, was apparently riveted by her summer pick.

In fact, Kelly was so moved by the material that she needed to share the joy of this read on social media. Apparently, her choice was also popular with many others, since Three Women hit the top of the New York Times bestseller list in July and has maintained a high status on that coveted list for five straight weeks.

Good find, Kelly Ripa.