August 18, 2019
Hannah Palmer Spreads Legs, Spills Out Of Blue Thong Monokini In 'Hypnotized' Beach Video

Another day, another killer swimsuit update.

Hannah Palmer has returned to Instagram for another of her legendary posts – suffice to say that the Maxim model's following is on the rise for a reason. Hannah may not have won the magazine's 2018 Cover Girl prize, but her fans would likely argue that she absolutely merited top slot. Regardless, it looks like Hannah is having the last laugh. The blonde's popularity is shooting up, and her earnings from promotional posts are likely netting her a healthy profit.

It looks like that endorsement potential has been shown today.

Hannah's latest beach video showed her promoting Bang Energy drinks – the beverage company partnered up with Palmer some time ago, with regular posts from the blonde appearing to be working in everyone's favor. Fans are treated to sizzling videos of Hannah on the beach, with both the model and the brand profiting as a result. Today's video was a sexy one, but it maintained the impeccable class that Hannah displays as her trademark.

Hannah was seen rocking a dazzling blue, thonged monokini. The strapped upper was separated from the bottom, but segmented paneling in sheer and opaque fabrics across the model's stomach jazzed the whole thing up. The blonde was filmed in various positions on the sand, with some showing her legs spread and knees pressed into the beach. Hannah was also showcasing her sexy cleavage while standing, although most of the video saw her making more contact with the shore.

Of course, the video did feature a can of Bang Energy. Hannah was seen sipping from it, smiling, and giving it a mention in a caption that seemed to confirm the status quo: this model does, indeed, have a hypnotic effect on her followers.

Hannah's update racked up the likes in no time: over 9,400 were clocked alongside the 18,000+ views that came within 50 minutes of the post going live.

Hannah's Instagram will feature her promotional Bang Energy posts fairly regularly, but not all of the model's feed is geared towards getting paid to promote a product. Hannah seems happy to update her account with various swimwear or lingerie looks to keep her fans on their toes – unsurprisingly, all prove successful. Something about this blonde's natural beauty and fierce curves seem to have her followers smitten. It also seems to have landed her a separate partnership with KO Watches.

Clearly, things are on the rise for Hannah. Fans wishing to see more of the beauty should follow her Instagram.