August 18, 2019
Doutzen Kroes Gets Drenched In A Tiny Bikini & Some Fans Slam Her For Her Weight

Doutzen Kroes shared a brand new bikini pic on Instagram yesterday, and it showed her enjoying an outdoor shower.

The photo was in black-and-white and showed the model standing with her right shoulder facing the camera. She sported a tiny thong bikini and appeared to be enjoying the shower. The showerhead seemed to protrude out of the foliage, and she was surrounded on three sides by nature.

Doutzen also placed her hands in her hair and looked away from the camera to her left.

So far, it has been liked over 104,000 times.

Doutzen's photo led to plenty of nice comments, but it also stirred some controversy among some fans.

"Stunning as always," said a fan.

"You're the sweetest," added another fan.

"Proper jungle shower. Well done," noted an Instagram user.

Other followers, however, made jabs about the model's weight.

"Don't forget to eat," said a follower.

"You are skinny! To skinny," commented another follower.

But that's not to say that Kroes' fans all let the negative comments slide.

"Can everybody quit talking about her figure. Let the woman live her life. She is gorgeous just the way she is. Old and wise enough to make decisions for herself," defended a fan.

"What do they mean whith to skinny in the news here???!" exclaimed another fan.

But they weren't the only ones, as other Instagram users also chimed in.

"Wonderful 'figure' with such lovely 'curves' as well Lady Doutzen!!!" encouraged a fan.

"Great healthy person in and outside," said another fan.

"Babe so beautiful body you are good girl baby love you," stated a follower.

"Don't let it bother you. It's not worth it," reassured another follower.

Arguably, the way the shadow hit the model's back made her look skinner than she probably is. At the same time, Kroes arched her back, which emphasized her slender figure.

The model also popped her right foot for the shot and didn't appear to be wearing any accessories.

Since the controversial post, Doutzen has also shared a video clip of her and her friends dancing on a boat. The sun appeared to be sinking, while everyone got down and enjoyed each other's company.

Because the video was filled with tons of motion and bright lighting, it was difficult to pinpoint where Doutzen was. But it was possible to see that there was a mix of men and women, with the women rocking bikini tops for the most part.