August 18, 2019
Anthony Scaramucci Asks Left To Help Donald Trump Officials 'Deprogram' From a 'Cult'

Extending the feud between the two, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci fired shots at President Donald Trump and his officials on Sunday, asking the left to create an "off-ramp" for Trump officials who might want to break from the president.

After years of loyalty and support for Trump, even for a period after he was fired from the White House by then-chief of staff John Kelly, Scaramucci has intensified his attacks against the president in recent weeks, according to The Hill.

"I would ask the left, let's create an off ramp for those people because when you're trying to deprogram people from a cult you have to allow them to change their mind, allow them the space to change their mind," Scaramucci said during a Sunday interview on Fox News.

He also claimed that the president is a danger to American society and American culture before suggesting there are a number of people in Washington D.C. who have similar feelings about Trump.

"Trust me there's a ton of people inside the White House, inside the government, up on Capitol Hill that feel the exact same way," Scaramucci said.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Scaramucci predicted that Trump would drop out of the presidential race by March 2020. He picked that date because he predicted that's when Trump will realize that he can't win in November and will drop out to save any humiliation.

Scaramucci, who served in the Trump White House for under two weeks, questioned the president's mental and physical health in a recent Vanity Fair interview.

"I think the guy is losing it, mentally. He has declining mental faculties; he's becoming more petulant; he's becoming more impetuous," Scaramucci said before taking a jab at the president's physical health because he sweats a lot.

On Thursday, after the president mistakenly teased one of his supporters at a New Hampshire rally for being overweight, Scaramucci took to Twitter shortly after to ridicule Trump, calling him the "fattest President since William Howard Taft."

In a recent Axios interview, Scaramucci suggested that Republicans should pick a new candidate for the 2020 presidential election while comparing the president to a melting nuclear reactor.

Trump has hit back at Scaramucci a few times on Twitter, calling him a "so-called television expert," as previously reported by The Inquisitr, and claimed that the former White House official was incapable of doing his job. The Hill reported that Trump has claimed that Scaramucci repeatedly called the White House in an attempt to get his job back -- a claim Scaramucci denied.

Scaramucci said he will detail his decision to very publicly turn on Trump in an upcoming op-ed for The Washington Post.