August 18, 2019
Kara Del Toro Goes Fully Nude & Oiled For Her Birthday, Instagram Can't Cope

Kara del Toro is celebrating turning one year older. The Maxim model took to Instagram earlier today to mark the special day, although she proved to be witty -- Kara managed to take her unclothed state and use a pun that doubled up as a mention marking the occasion.

Kara's photo showed her shot from behind and in semi-profile. The Texan was wowing the camera with the fierce curves that she's so known for, although the image wasn't overly raunchy. Kara's direct gaze upped the ante, but the classy finish was present as ever. Kara had been photographed flaunting her sexy and nude body in an oversized couch in bold oranges. Their earthy hues matched the tan shade from a giant straw hat atop the model's head – something about the statement accessory was adding a lot to the image's eye-catching feel.

Kara's long legs and super-pert booty were on show, although her chest was mostly covered via a carefully-placed left arm. The blonde delivered her sizzling body and fierce tan in what appeared to be shaded surrounds, but glossy oiled skin on Kara's arms suggested she might have applied a little lotion. Kara is, after all, a spokesperson and influencer for tanning oil brand Bali Body.

Instagram has been losing its mind. Comments poured in from the moment Kara's update went live, with countless fans sending the model birthday wishes and love. Unsurprisingly, users also praised Kara on an overall basis.

"Hottest of all time," one fan wrote.

"Amazing," another added.

"I wish every day is your birthday," said one fan who didn't appear willing to wait another year for a similar photo.

Kara's update had racked up over 13,500 likes within just 55 minutes of going live.

Kara may be one of Instagram's swimwear faces, but this sensation has more than just the platform's love to back her up. This year has seen Kara front denim and apparel giant Guess. Clearly, well-known labels are interested in the blonde. Kara may not share too much about herself on social media, but she has given an interview about her lifestyle.

Speaking to Toronto Paradise about how she keeps in shape, Kara revealed that she trains hard, but her nutrition approach seemed well-rounded.

"I go hiking at least 3 times a week, I also do yoga and meditation. I try to eat healthy most of the time, but I do love pizza and chocolate. I just make sure to amp up my workouts after I indulge, you have to indulge every once in a while or you'll go crazy, but a healthy well-balanced diet is important, making sure you're doing cardio at least 3 times a week and drinking lots of green tea, it boosts the metabolism."