August 18, 2019
Jessa Duggar's Social Media Silence Is Finally Explained By Her Family

Fans have been extremely worried about Jessa Duggar lately. She has been somewhat silent since her daughter, Ivy Jane, was born, and that has led to many questions regarding her health. Fans have been repeatedly asking what is going on with her and now, they have their answer.

A new post that the Duggar family shared on their Instagram account on Saturday was shared with plenty of fans once again asking where Jessa has been and if she is okay. The picture is of her husband, Ben Seewald, on a carousel with his oldest child, Spurgeon. You can see the little boy's cute mop of curly hair sitting on one of the horses with his daddy standing next to him. Spurgeon has a huge smile on his face as he seemed to be enjoying the ride.

The original post intended to praise Ben for being such a good dad to his three kids, Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy Jane. However, Duggar fans quickly took the opportunity to inquire about Jessa. She has not been seen since the announcement of Ivy's arrival in early June as she and Ben introduced their newborn. The baby girl was born on May 26 and the last photo that she shared on Instagram was on July 10.

Fans are so used to Jessa Duggar sharing many photos and videos of her boys that her silence for over a month had them panicking. Now her family has put those fears to rest with their recent post. They answered one fan who commented that they hoped Jessa was okay.

The Duggar family responded by saying, "She's doing great! Busy taking care of her little ones!"

So, there you have it -- Jessa Duggar is just fine. There have been a few sweet photos of Ivy Jane that Ben's family has shared on Instagram. as previously stated by The Inquisitr. Ben has been seen even more than his wife, and that also had fans in an uproar wondering if something was wrong with Jessa. Ben has rarely been seen in any photos as the mom-of-three shares mostly that of her two boys in the past. Now that their baby girl has joined the family, Ben has been snapped more often.

Ben appears to be in more photos, possibly because Jessa is busy with the new baby. It may have been more of an adjustment getting used to having three kids instead of two. There is no doubt that the reality star will come out of hiding and share more snapshots of her adorable kids soon.

Ben, Jessa, and their growing family will be featured on the new season of Counting On coming up in October on TLC.