August 18, 2019
French Waiter Reportedly Shot To Death By Customer Irate That His Sandwich Was Taking Too Long

A French waiter was reportedly shot to death by a customer who was irate that he had to wait for a sandwich, a killing that rocked the local community and now is getting international attention.

As The Guardian reported, the man was shot dead at a pizzeria just outside of Paris on Friday night. Some of the pizzeria's other employees reportedly called police to say their colleague was shot in the shoulder after a customer lost his temper because his "sandwich wasn't prepared quickly enough." Paramedics arrived and tried to revive the waiter, but he ultimately ended up dying at the scene.

The news outlet France24 added that the gunman fled the scene afterward. It was not clear if police had identified the suspect, and the name of the 28-year-old waiter has not yet been released.

The Guardian report noted the killing rocked the neighborhood, with one woman saying that it took place at what is normally a quiet restaurant that had only opened a few months before. But the area is also known for its high crime, including drug dealing.

The killing drew international attention, with many news outlets across the globe picking up on the strange circumstances of the murder.

This is not the first murder of a food service worker to garner viral attention in recent months. Back in March, a pizza delivery driver from Philadelphia was killed after police said he was lured into an ambush and robbed, and then shot to death. As NBC Philadelphia reported, Bobby Jenkins was delivering the pizza to what he thought was a residence, but it turned out to be an abandoned building where the unknown killer or killers were lying in wait for him.

Police said the entire robbery appeared to be planned ahead.

"The house is under construction right now," Philadelphia Police Inspector Raymond Evers said. "So we believe the individuals who did this broke in the rear of the property and staged this robbery that turned into a homicide."

The murder prompted police in Philadelphia to warn that the killer or killers could strike again. The NBC Philadelphia report noted that a similar armed robbery of a delivery driver had taken place just a few weeks before. In that case, the person also lured the driver to an abandoned house and robbed him, though the delivery driver in the first incident was not shot.

Police in France say they are investigating the pizzeria shooting as a homicide.