August 18, 2019
Ana Cheri Shows Off Major Curves In Dress With Huge Slit

Ana Cheri shared a brand new Instagram update, and she was spotted in a silky, white outfit. The post has been very popular so far and has received over 132,000 likes.

The update consisted of three photos. All of the photos were seemingly taken within moments of each other.

Cheri was spotted in front of a white countertop as she sported an ensemble that consisted of two pieces. The top was a cropped tank with very thin straps. It also hugged her chest and let her show off her cleavage.

Meanwhile, she completed the look with a perfectly matching skirt. It rested high on her waist and featured a very high slit on the right side. This left much of her leg exposed on one side, while the skirt hugged her hips.

She wore her hair down in curls and looked to her right in the first photo. The model also placed her right hand on her hips, while resting her left arm on the counter.

Ana didn't wear a necklace, but sported a watch on her left wrist and what appears to be small, hoop earrings.

The model's makeup was also eye-catching and consisted of a heavy cat-eye and dark pink eyeshadow. She also wore glossy lipstick.

Many of Anna's fans raved about her look in the comments section.

"See the six pack threw the skirt!" observed a fan.

"Always looking flawless," complimented another fan.

"You couldn't actually be any more gorgeous," said a follower.

"Shedding your rays on everyone literally," noted another follower.

Other fans focused on Cheri's outfit.

"Like it was custom made for you!!" exclaimed a fan.

"Wow I love this Outfit... this is perfect and made for you... you looks like a princess in this dress :) enjoy your weekend," said another fan.

"Difficult to figure it out what exactly is silky...? You or Outfit," joked an Instagram user, referring to the captions.

In addition, one follower gushed about their feelings about the model.

"I love you so much I look up to you, how you carry yourself, how nice you are, just a business woman and I LOVE IT," they said.

It's worth noting that Ana struck two more poses in the remaining photographs. The second image showed Ana looking straight at the camera, as she leaned against the counter. She popped her left knee up while playing with her hands. Cheri gave a playful and coy look.

In addition, the final photo showed Ana giving some attitude, as she placed her right hand on her hip again. She glanced down at the ground, while her hair obscured her right eye.