August 18, 2019
Alexis Ren Shows Off Curvy Bod On Her Knees

Alexis Ren shared a couple of new photos as part of her latest Instagram post. So far, it's proving to be very popular, with over 585,000 people liking the update.

The first photo of the set showed Alexis wearing a floral minidress. It had long sleeves. The dress was black with a floral design, featuring red flowers and green leaves. The model pushed up the sleeves slightly, and posed on a white couch.

Ren was spotted outdoors, and sat up on her knees. She placed her left hand on her upper thighs, while holding herself up with her right hand on the edge of the couch. Alexis looked over her left shoulder at the camera, and wore her hair in a half-up, half-down hairstyle.

Notably, the model arched her back immensely, as she showed off her curves. She opted to go barefoot for the shot.

Fans poured in with plenty of compliments, which were mixed with some criticism.

"The only brunette i'd ever be okay with," said a fan.

"You just saw me yesterday plz just give me some space omg," joked another fan, referring to Alexis' captions.

With that being said, there were plenty of followers that made comments about her major back arch in the first photo.

"Sis you broke your back," said a follower.

"Scoliosis has entered the chat," said another follower.

"Is your lower back ok?" asked an Instagram user.

"Yeah sis you trying but you won't get a booty even if you break your back like this," criticized a fan.

And that wasn't all, as there were others that added to the conversation about her back.

"Seeing this hurts my back, u're pretty, but d*mn that spine," said a follower.

Not everyone was hating, however.

"Aye don't hate boy.. Her arch game is just legendary," defended a fan.

Others had questions for Ren.

"Is the photographer okay?" wondered a fan.

"If social media was never invented, what do you think you would be doing with your life right now? Honest question," asked another fan.

It's also worth noting that there was a second photo in the update, which showed Alexis in a similar pose as the first image. Except this time, she threw her head back with her eyes closed. She also popped her left foot and pointed her toes, and placed both of her hands on the back of the couch.

In both photos, there were bokeh effects from the sunlight.