August 19, 2019
WWE News: Superstar Bravely Issues Challenge To Current Champion For 'Clash Of Champions'

The next WWE pay-per-view event is now less than one month away and there is not a single announced match for it. Sure, WWE will probably announce one or a couple of the biggest matches this week, but it's an empty card at this time except for some rumors. With every title possibly on the line, one superstar took it upon himself to issue a challenge to the current WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Back on July 14, Shinsuke Nakamura captured the Intercontinental Title from Finn Balor at Extreme Rules. In the last month, the new champion has had just two matches and that includes anything at WWE Live Events as well.

On an episode of SmackDown Live on July 23, Nakamura defeated Apollo Crews without too much trouble. The next week, Ali picked up a huge non-title win over the champion, but there hasn't been anything else shown that hints WWE would be continuing that feud.

As a matter of fact, Nakamura is without any kind of direction whatsoever as he's not in a feud of any kind and he's hardly wrestling at all. Others have noticed that the champion is kind of sitting off to the side, and they're wondering if a title match could be something for them sometime soon.

That's why it was interesting on Saturday evening when No Way Jose decided to issue a challenge to Nakamura via his Twitter account.

Yes, No Way Jose is inserting himself into the WWE Intercontinental Championship picture and he wants a title shot. The popular superstar may not end up getting it, though, as he's a member of the Raw roster and Nakamura is a member of the SmackDown Live roster.

While it's true that inter-brand matches have been happening for months, WWE is said to be moving away from those and reaffirming the brand split. That's not to say that this match won't still happen, but there are other reasons to think that it won't be the direction that the company goes in.

No Way Jose doesn't really have the best win-loss record since joining the main roster. As a matter of fact, he hasn't picked up a win of any kind since early April with one at WrestleMania Axxess and one over Tyler Breeze on Main Event.

It's just kind of hard to think that he's in a position to get a shot at one of the more prestigious titles in WWE.

No Way Jose dances his way to the ring.

Clash of Champions is less than a month away and Shinsuke Nakamura is without a program of any kind, but there is still time. WWE could easily start something this week for him and provide him a worthy challenger for the Intercontinental Championship. Still, No Way Jose does have to be given a bit of credit for going out on his own and trying to get something started for his wrestling career.