August 18, 2019
Judge Apologizes After Encouraging Woman To Sell Her Nudes During Family Court

A Superior Court judge out of Middlesex County, New Jersey is under fire after making out of line comments during a family court hearing. According to USA Today, Alberto Rivas faces judicial code violation charges after giving inappropriate advice. To one of the women caught in the love triangle, he suggested that she "take half of his pension." To the other woman, he suggested she sell her nude photographs.

Rivas has since issued a statement apologizing for the advice he gave during open court.

"I regret the comments I made during the proceeding. I felt the court was being manipulated, but I let my feelings about the case influence my language, tone and demeanor, all of which were inappropriate," his statement read.

The case where this improper advice took place happened earlier this year on January 10. It involved a woman seeking to have several NSFW photos of herself she'd taken for her ex-boyfriend returned to her. The photos were allegedly in the possession of her boyfriend's wife as well.

The woman explained to Judge Rivas that she feared the wife of her ex-boyfriend would send the suggestive pictures to her place of work. During an exchange with the woman, Rivas revealed that he did not believe the testimony.

Initially, Judge Rivas believed the case looked as though it might be some sort of blackmail or revenge porn situation. Upon hearing the testimony, however, he believed the woman was "was attempting to perpetrate a fraud on the court."

As the hearing continued, the judge referred to the woman's comments as "baloney." He also felt that she was wasting the resources of the court.

Rivas told the woman he'd be happy to grant a restraining order against the boyfriend. While the woman said she didn't want to have any additional contact with her former boyfriend, she was not interested in the restraining order.

Rivas also slammed the boyfriend as a "knucklehead" and claimed that he needed "to be brought down a notch." He even accused him of playing both women.

Turning his attention to the wife, he questioned why she remained married to her husband.

"I would suggest divorce and take half his pension," Rivas suggested. The wife has been married to her correction officer husband for roughly 11 years and they have a 10-year-old daughter together.

Once the wife promised to surrender the photos within the next 24 hours, the judge continued to voice his opinions in open court.

"It's clear that you folks have been involved in a triangle, and kind of like the Bermuda Triangle, it's deadly."
Toward the end of the hearing, Rivas gave one final piece of advice to the woman who took the provocative photos. He informed her that Hugh Hefner is the only person she should be sending her nude photos to.

"He will pay you $100,000 for the use of them." He continued to advise her.

Charges have been filed by the Advisory Committee regarding his conduct. His conduct came as a shock to some as Rivas has been a judge for just shy of a decade.

In response to the complaint and charges against him, Judge Rivas acknowledges that he made several out of line comments because he allowed his feelings to overwhelm him.