August 17, 2019
Kelly Ripa Teaches Ryan Seacrest How To Take A Butt Selfie In A Hilarious Video

Kelly Ripa is game to try just about anything. She's exceptionally nervy whenever Ryan Seacrest is involved, proving as such this past week as the co-hosts learned the best way to take a belfie.

So, what is a belfie?

It's a butt selfie, especially popular on the red carpet, as Kelly pointed out before the pair took a step-by-step lesson.

As an example, the funny blonde celebrity flashed a photo of Justin Bieber's wife, Hailey Baldwin, on a screen. The image showed the beautiful model as she struck the right pose in just the right way while on the sartorial runway for this year's Met Gala.

Hailey modeled in a backless gown in light pink. The fancy, full-length frock clearly showed her matching underwear which was adorned with sparkly letters that spelled WANG, as in Alexander Wang, the designer of her ensemble.

Seacrest was out of touch when asking what Baldwin had on so Kelly quickly explained she was wearing a thong, adding "Duh," as she responded to his query.

Ryan still didn't understand the glittery WANG part of Hailey's enchanting ensemble.

"It looks like jewelry. It's like a diamond," he said.

At that point, Kelly set him straight.

"Hey, if you had a butt like that you'd put diamonds on it too. Personally, if I looked like her I'd be naked at the Met Gala."

Hailey Bieber gets into a belfie post at the 2019 Met Gala (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

After that discourse, the two decided to try creating a worthy belfie pose. However, when Kelly and Ryan attempted to replicate the popular model's ideal stance, they were anything but appealing. In fact, Ryan looked as if he was going to topple over at any minute while Kelly used the host's table to steady herself.

When opting for this awkward positioning, The Live with Kelly and Ryan colleagues took the belfie directions to heart. Kelly read out loud as both did their best.

"You have to tilt your pelvis and arch your back while swiveling your head to the side. Stand straight and spread your legs. Make yourself look wider but then keep your feet closer together. Then, arch your back a little bit more. Puff out your chest, breath out and cinch your stomach."
Ryan gave up first. He said he couldn't hold the pose because, as he put it, "It hurts."

Kelly, who ended up with her position awkwardly akimbo, admitted that doing so was actually hard work.

To say the studio audience appreciated this little bit at the start of Live with Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday is an understatement. In fact, several times during the two-minute segment, the people sitting there burst into very loud giggles.

In fact, the only two people who were not amused were the hosts themselves. Still, the two did end up smiling after hearing how much fun those watching were having as the morning talkers put themselves up for ridicule.

And that's how things went last week proving Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest will do anything for a laugh. Well, almost anything, right Kelly?