Woman Uses Painkillers For Ear, Dies Two Days After Overdose

A 31-year-old woman died two days after suffering an accidental overdose from painkillers in Westhoughton, Greater Manchester.

The Daily Mail reports that Rebecca Jeffs took more than double the recommended 24-hour dosage of painkillers to treat a severe earache back in October.

According the report, Jeffs was found dead at her partner's home two days after being discharged from the Royal Bolton Hospital. Her death was caused by fatal lung damage, which was caused by her accidental overdose.

A representative of the Bolton Coroner's Court heard that the 31-year-old former care worker had overdosed in the past when self-medicating for her sleeping problems. She reportedly took dozens of pills that were ordered online.

Elizabeth Carter, Rebecca's mother, explained to the inquest that Jeffs' previous roommate received her supply of medication through the internet. She also stated that Rebecca had "just got her life back on track" by moving to Bolton.

Once she moved, Carter controlled how much medication her daughter was taking.

Rebecca's past overdoses occurred when she took painkillers to control her abdominal pain. Jeffs occasionally asked her doctor for additional medication.

Dr. Simon Hall from Stable Fold Surgery further explained Jeff's history of medication.

"On several occasions, she complained she had lost medication, or left it somewhere or mislaid the prescription. Extra medication would have to be prescribed but was sometimes refused."

Rebecca Jeffs was first admitted to Royal Bolton Hospital back in June 2014. Dr. Salil Singh was the consultant physician at the hospital and remembers discussing her problems and overall history with her.

"[Rebecca] came across as someone who had a lot of pain and wanted to get rid of abdominal pain. I remember thinking the abdominal pain was a big issue for her. We tried to get to the bottom of the pain. It didn't give us a definitive answer. I felt very sorry that we were not able to help with the pain. We asked her twice about getting clinical psychology input and she declined."

She also overdosed on painkillers in July of the same year and was admitted back into the hospital.

An ear infection in October led to Rebecca Jeffs' overdose of painkillers, which ultimately led to her death.

[Image Credit: Daily Mail]