August 17, 2019
Hailey Baldwin Sizzles In Neon Snakeskin Bikini With A Super-Cute Lemur On Her Shoulder

Hailey Baldwin is proving that swimwear and wildlife make for a great pairing. The model and wife to Justin Bieber took to Instagram earlier today to showcase a little outdoor time with animals -- plus a reminder of her bikini body.

The 22-year-old posted three photos. While the final image only showed the lemur Hailey was hanging out with, the first two included the model herself. They showed Hailey in an outdoor and sun-drenched setting that may well have been some form of animal sanctuary. The star was surrounded by rocks, greenery, and mesh netting, with blue skies and palm trees suggesting that she might be in California.

Hailey was photographed standing as she held an adorable lemur on her shoulder. The model herself was rocking some dangerously tiny swimwear, although fans would likely argue that Hailey's supermodel body was born to rock a two-piece.

Hailey opted for a sizzling string neon green and black bikini. The snakeskin materials upped the ante, although Hailey herself didn't seem out to flaunt her famous frame. The blonde's profile and semi-profile positioning didn't showcase her entire frame, but fans did see the model's strong and toned arms, peachy booty, flat stomach, and all-around golden tan.

Hailey appeared focused on her adorable friend as she smiled at it. The model appeared fuss-free with her blond hair scraped back into a bun. The post seemed to be all about that furry little friend, and the reminder that this girl digs a bikini.

Hailey's update quickly proved popular. It racked up over 179,000 likes within just 40 minutes of going live. YouTuber Tana Mongeau liked the update, and a celebrity comment was posted by Justin Skye.

Presumably, Hailey's husband has yet to comment. The "Sorry" singer is known for leaving sweet notes to his wife's updates, although fans would likely argue that the 25-year-old's full-blown tribute updates to Hailey are his greatest display of marital affection.

Hailey and Justin appeared together on Instagram earlier today. Their black-and-white photo wasn't a massive public display of affection, but it did offer fans a reminder that these two spend quality time together. That, in itself, is seen via the endless paparazzi images showing Justin and Hailey eating out, going to church together, and grabbing coffees in various locations around the globe.Hailey and Justin tied the knot last year, with fans only finding out about the marriage after it had taken place. The couple was later profiled by Vogue, with fans finding out a lot more about their relationship.

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