August 17, 2019
Britney Spears' Sister, Jamie Lynn Rocks Tiny Daisy Dukes While Jamming Out To Billie Eilish

Jamie Lynn Spears may not have the level of fame that big sister Britney has acquired, but the 28-year-old has her fanbase. Jamie Lynn amassed her fans from her television show, Nickelodeon's Zoey 101, although this mother has now moved on. The star will still make headlines for her on-screen days, but today is seeing Jamie Lynn's style and taste in music take center stage.

On Friday, Jamie took to her Instagram stories for a little selfie time. The blonde appeared in her home, with a simple tiled floor and background couches showing her fuss-free way of life. Clearly, all Jamie needed to wow her fans was a cute little outfit, some music, and a few moves.

Spears' video showed her holding her smartphone as she showcased her look of the day. The mother-of-two opted for a tiny and frayed pair of Daisy Dukes, with the denims just about covering her upper thighs. Jamie Lynn's long and toned legs were on show, although the star didn't opt for a glam finish. The shorts were paired with a baggy gray sweatshirt bearing a yellow smiley face, with a simple footwear look of fluffy slides that matched the sweatshirt. The blonde appeared motionless to begin with as she documented her outfit, although she did eventually get moving to some Billie Eilish music.

A fun caption appeared at the bottom of Jamie Lynn's video.

"Stays up past 9 p.m. once...," she wrote.

The reference was likely about motherhood; with two young children, Spears is likely worn out early on in the evening. As fans will know, the mom journey started young for Jamie Lynn; she was expecting her first at just 16-years-old. As The Daily Mail reports, Jamie recalled the uncertainty and shock over being pregnant so young via her documentary, Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out.

"When I became pregnant my world came crashing down," she said.

"I knew I had a lot of young girls who looked up to me and I felt that responsibility but at the end of the day I knew I would have to make a decision as a young girl myself, to do something that I could sleep with at night," she added.

Motherhood seems to suit this star, though. Jamie Lynn's Instagram is filled with cute photos of herself with her children, Maddie and Ivey, with many fans feeling that Jamie's parenting is excellent.

Jamie has 1.6 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of the star should follow her account.