Kara Del Toro's Soaking-Wet String Bikini Brings Instagram To Its Knees

Kara Del Toro's Instagram grip is getting stronger by the day. The Maxim model recently reached a major milestone on the platform: with 1 million followers, Kara is now a relatively well-known face. The Texan's fierce curves, stunning smile, and travel-centric updates seem to make for the perfect combination, with Kara's latest update being living proof.

Earlier today, Kara updated her account. The model hadn't used a geo-tag, although followers of Kara's account will know that the blonde is currently in Italy. Kara's recent updates have shown her in Sardegna, although whether she has moved on to another town wasn't clarified. Nonetheless, the hill-perched town and traditional Italian bay setting seemed to confirm that Kara is still in the land of pasta.

Kara's photo showed her wading through ocean waters and submerged waist-deep in them. The model had been photographed looking to her right and smiling, although fans couldn't see what Kara was looking at. The stunner had offered plenty for her fans to look at, though. Today's itsy-bitsy bikini was a fun shade of yellow, with string straps and ties at the bust upping the ante. A healthy flashing of cleavage was delivered, although fans could also see Kara's super-flat stomach toned abs, and hints of her curvy waist.

With her soaking wet hair and the ocean setting, it seemed no surprise that Kara looked makeup-free. The model's only accessories were simple hoop earrings and a necklace; this stunner's sizzling physique and beautiful smile were definitely taking center stage.

It looks like Kara's update has been noticed. It had racked up over 23,000 likes within just two hours of going live. The same time frame brought over 266 fans into the post's comments section.

"Umm wow," one fan wrote.

"I love you," another said.

Unsurprisingly, the comments section to Kara's photo quickly found itself filled with her fans giving her the thumbs-up. A few comments poked fun by suggesting that the scenery was taking center stage, but these responses were clearly joking ones and joining the bandwagon of fans showering Kara with love.

When it comes to bikinis, this girl knows her stuff. The past month has sent fans every color under the sun, although Kara's feed isn't exclusively dedicated to swimwear. Stylish day and evening looks will appear, with shout-outs made to various brands. Kara tends not to provide lengthy captions, although she has mentioned her style to Toronto Paradise. Her interview wound up name-dropping a high-end Italian brand.

"More so than a specific person or brand I'm inspired by the 90's, I love high waisted shorts and destroyed denim, I love flannels and lace-up boots. I'm also a fan of designers such as Dolce and Gabbana because their designs are so feminine, I like to mix feminine and masculine, I like leather and lace."