August 17, 2019
Andrew Yang Receives Praise From Chance The Rapper For His 'Cupid Shuffle'

Andrew Yang popped into a "Jazzercise" class Thursday before a campaign meeting in Beaufort, South Carolina and showed off his "Cupid Shuffle." His moves quickly spread across mainstream media, and The Huffington Post reports that Chance the Rapper was impressed with the Democratic presidential candidates moves.

"I can't be pandered to," he tweeted. "But the confidence of that headbob :11 seconds in mighta made me #YangGang."

Yang has touched on his interest in dancing before and referenced the work of American social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, who is known for his focus on studying the psychology of morality and the moral emotions.

"Reading the Righteous Mind by @JonHaidt⁠ — apparently there is something magical about dancing to bring people together. We should make our rallies into dance parties if possible."
The Hill reports that Yang's dance came after his Iowa visit, which he used to attack Donald Trump's fitness. He also said that — despite his affinity for turkey legs — he doesn't plan on eating junk food often as a way of keeping up his "presidential form."

More recently, Yang spoke to a crowd in New Hampshire and told them he would pardon people that are in prison for nonviolent marijuana-related offenses.

"Americans now recognize just how broken our mass incarceration system is and how much progress we need to make," Yang said, per Fox News.

As The Inquisitr reported, the idea isn't a new one for Yang's campaign; he first presented the idea back in April.

During a recent interview with The Atlantic, Yang expressed his belief that the current economy hinges upon an outdated "subsistence labor model." He said that the United States needs to move forward from this model and "grow up," pointing to the damage the model purportedly does to the younger generation.

RealClearPolitics reports that Yang currently has a 1.5 percent polling average, putting him in eighth place for the Democratic nomination. He is currently set to take the stage in September and October alongside Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, and Beto O'Rourke.

After qualifying for the fall debates, The Hill reports that Yang said he's happy that the U.S. connected with his message and is ready to hear his solutions to the problems facing America, including gun violence, the changing American economy, and the way the country measures its health and success.

"I'm excited to have those conversations in Houston and throughout the 2020 election," he said.