August 17, 2019
Danielle Knudson Gets Naked For Sexy Mirror Pic

Danielle Knudson shared a brand new photo today, and it has received over 2,400 likes in the first hour.

The photo's captions revealed that the image was shot on film, and certainly had a grainy quality that's associated with traditional photography.

It showed Danielle posing in front of a mirror, and the image was of her reflection. Knudson appeared to be nude in the image, as she placed her hands by the nape of her neck. She tilted her head to her left, and gave a sultry look. Her eyes appeared to be mostly closed, while her hair fell down in front of her right cheek.

Meanwhile, her chest was left exposed, although much of it was in the shadows. The model didn't seem to be wearing any accessories. At the same time, her makeup included dark mascara, shimmery eyeshadow, and pink lipstick.

Danielle's fans were clearly feeling the vibe, and left many nice comments.

"Most Beautiful Girl in the World!" exclaimed a fan.

"Very sexy & you look beautiful," said another fan.

"Feeling the heat from you here in Wisconsin," complimented a follower.

Others tried to get more creative with their comments.

"Can I get a High Five!!" asked a follower.

'Wanna see you in a feature film or get a TV show guest appearance DK," suggested another follower.

Meanwhile, a fan sent her good wishes fo the days ahead.

"Very nice lovely my dear friend and have happy weekend," they said.

Prior to the sultry shot, Danielle shared a video of herself at an axe-throwing venue. This update was unique from most of her typical Instagram posts, and showed a different side of the model.

Knudson wore an all-black outfit, including a tank top and tight pants. The clip showed Danielle throwing the axe, and hitting the bulls-eye. The video was also slowed down, in order to dramatize the perfect throw.

The clip prompted many of Knudson's fans to leave comments. This included messages from some that seemed critical of her claim of getting three bulls-eye hits in a row.

"Show more video of you to prove you got 3 bullseyes in a row," said a fan.

Danielle responded, and directed them to check out her Instagram Stories.

"Ok tell the truth. How many tries before u got that," asked another fan.

"Ah yes, axe-throwing, a skill that was never, ever useful, in any way, whatsoever...," said a follower.

Even so, there were also plenty of people that were impressed by her abilities.

"But more importantly - raised the roof," said a fan, who noticed her victory dance.

"D****mn! On the money!" said another fan.