August 17, 2019
Kevin Hart's Bikini-Clad Wife, Eniko Parrish, Looks Smoking Hot In Soaking Wet Waterfall Pic

Kevin Hart and his beautiful wife, Eniko Parrish, are back in the news. As Daily Mail reports, The Secret Life of Pets 2 star and his wife are currently vacationing in St. Lucia. Kevin has been documenting the luxurious travels over on his social media – clearly, however, the 40-year-old's Instagram updates are a major enough deal for tabloid newspapers to be documenting them.

Kevin's photos showed him in various outdoor settings with his wife. While the couple was seen enjoying luscious green scenery on an outdoor path in one photo, others showed the couple soaking up the refreshing benefits of the Caribbean island's waterfalls. Fans of Eniko's sizzling body likely made a beeline for the fourth part of Kevin's Instagram update yesterday: while seeing Eniko and her shirtless husband taking in the spray required a fair amount of swiping, fans would likely argue that it was worth the effort.

The photo showed Kevin and his 34-year-old wife posing for the camera amid natural rocks. Gushing water from above saw both stars drenched, although the photo didn't seem out to send a raunchy vibe. Nonetheless, between Kevin's ripped and muscular torso and the fierce curves on his bikini-clad wife, this was one steamy photo.

Eniko appeared in a black string bikini that was minimal on the material and maximal on the figure-flaunting. The brunette had her long and shapely legs on show, with a similar deal from her curvy hips, toned arms, and sexy cleavage. Eniko managed a smile, although Kevin went for a more serious and direct facial expression.

It looked like Kevin was digging the setting enough to post a separate update of himself taking in the waterfall spray. This one came as two photos showing the actor and comedian standing right under the waterfall. Open arms in the second photo definitely seemed to suggest that he was feeling invigorated, refreshed, and happy.Kevin and Eniko tied the knot in a lavish and star-studded wedding back in 2015. Kevin has, however, made relationship headlines since the marriage, and not for the most savory reasons. The star admitted to cheating on Eniko while she was expecting their son, Kenzo, although the marriage seems to be back on track, with these two seeming solid.

Kevin is also a parent to two other children from his previous marriage. Fourteen-year-old Heaven and 11-year-old Hendrix are being raised by Kevin and Eniko alongside youngest Kenzo.

Kevin's update with his wife proved immensely popular, racking up over 743,000 likes. Fans wishing to see more of Kevin and Eniko should follow their social media accounts.