August 17, 2019
'Southern Charm's' Kathryn Dennis Awarded Joint Custody With Thomas Ravenel

Despite the objections of former politician, Thomas Ravenel, Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has been awarded joint custody, requiring no supervision when spending a week on and a week off with their two children, Kensie and Saint.

The Blast shared the recent court decision where the Guardian ad item recommended that Dennis enjoy shared custody of the children, stating that she did not require any supervision when caring for the two children under age six.

In the past, Kathryn's mother, Allison Dennis, had provided official supervision when the court deemed it necessary, but Mrs. Dennis passed away last week after a lengthy battle with cancer. Ravenel had asked the court to strip Kathryn of custody entirely, despite the fact that he is still awaiting trial after he was indicted on the charge of sexual assault of the family nanny, and has a previous federal conviction for cocaine use and distribution.

Additionally, the judge has also put in a provision that either party can have the other tested spontaneously for drugs or alcohol while the children are in their custody, whereas before, only Ravenel had that right, despite having gone to rehab for cocaine abuse before spending 10 months in prison.

Dennis is allowed to travel out of state with the children, but while Ravenel is out on bail, he must stay in South Carolina.

Over the last year, both Kathryn and Allison Dennis complained of being stalked by private investigator and relative, David Leaird, who was hired by Ravenel to watch them even when they weren't with the children, says The Inquisitr.

Leaird and his wife, Candace Yearwood Leaird, have known Ravenel for years, as she was engaged to the former reality star, and reportedly received a settlement from him after canceling their impending wedding at the last minute. Ravenel spoke of her at length on the premiere season of Southern Charm, referring to her as "the drink cart girl," and stating that she was below his station in life.

According to The Blast, Leaird submitted documentation to the court acknowledging that he had been following Dennis for nine months.

"The private eye [Leaird] says they were hired to specifically watch her interactions with the kids. During their investigation they set up cameras to record Dennis twenty four hours a day. The cameras were at two residences where she stayed."
In the filing, Leaird stated that he included "40,000 photos and 10,000 videos."