August 17, 2019
Bernie Sanders Reportedly Has The Most Frontrunner Support From Women, People Of Color, And The Least Educated

Although the term Bernie Bros was first used in an Atlantic article as a descriptor for a certain type of Sanders supporter, it quickly became a pejorative term that's used by detractors to criticize the Vermont Senator for purportedly attracting young, white, middle- to upper-class males.

But Common Dreams reports that the label isn't very accurate. According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, Sanders has the most support from women among the Democratic frontrunners, topping Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. He also has the highest approval rating from people of color.

Despite the prevalent stereotypes, Sanders has the least support from people with a college degree or more, with Warren instead gaining the most support from the well-educated.

Sanders also draws the evenest balance between voters in urban and rural areas, with 44 percent from urban areas and 56 percent from rural.

The 77-year-old presidential candidate recently criticized the media coverage of his campaign and attacked the corporate media establishment.

"We've said from the start that we will have to take on virtually the entire media establishment in this campaign, and so far that has proven to be true," Sanders tweeted on Wednesday. "Ok. Fine. We are ready."

Sanders didn't stop there. Common Dreams reports that he continued his attacks in an email to supporters Wednesday night.

"Why is it that the corporate media sees politics as entertainment and largely ignores the major crises facing our country and how candidates are addressing those crises?" he asked.

"And the answer lies, in fact, with something that is very rarely discussed, and certainly not in the media: and that is that the corporate media is owned by a small number of large media conglomerates."
FAIR reports that Sanders isn't necessarily wrong to call out the media bias against him. The Washington Post ran 16 negative stories on Sanders in 16 hours last March. The Post's fact-checking team also reportedly spend lots of time interpreting Sander's fact-based statements as warranting "Pinocchios."

As The Inquisitr previously reported, New York Times reporter Sydney Ember, who covers Sanders, sources corporate lobbyists, war criminals, and far-right figures to discredit the presidential candidate. Ember's coverage, which FAIR claims is consistently negative, also has ties to the finance world. She also reportedly conducts "stealth edits" on articles to shift coverage negatively.

Ember is married to Mike Bechek, son of the former CEO of Bain & Company, where he also previously worked. Some of the corporate figures she has quoted include Jim Kessler, executive vice president for Policy at Third Way, Tracy Sefl, a former senior advisor for Hillary Clinton, and Jarrod Loadholy, a consumer finance lobbyist.