August 17, 2019
Mackenzie McKee Dubbed A Terrible Mother As Trolls Blast 3-Year-Old Son Broncs' Teeth

Mackenzie McKee appears to have fallen under fire. The 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3 alum has already been making headlines for returning to the MTV franchise via Teen Mom OG, with the 24-year-old's recent separation announcement from husband Josh McKee also proving a talking point. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, Mackenzie shocked her fans by taking to social media and announcing that her marriage needs a break. Mackenzie appears to have deleted the Instagram post announcing herself as "single," but her fans have been picking up on something else.

With Mackenzie's singledom selfie now deleted, her most recent Instagram post is one dedicated to 3-year-old son Broncs. This blond child is the star's third: Mackenzie and Josh are also parents to Gannon and Jaxie.

The photos showed Broncs looking cute in a cowboy outfit that seemed to embrace Mackenzie's Oklahoma roots. Broncs was seen in indoor and outdoor settings with jeans, a plaid shirt, plus a cowboy hat and some rope. This child was camera-ready with a smile, but fans have been honing in on what appeared to be somewhat-rotten teeth.

"Because they r too wrapped up in themselves and obsessed with working out they don't know their way to the dentist" was one of the most upvoted comments.

The remark likely pertains to the many gym updates Mackenzie makes – a fair few come complete with Josh.

"Seriously though. Looks like he has cavities," a fan added.

While some responses seemed to come in from dental professionals – suggestions included Broncs having chipped teeth as opposed to rot – others seemed to agree with the slam.

Mackenzie's parenting seemed to be falling under fire for other reasons, too.

"Buckle him in the car properly please," a fan wrote with others agreeing.

Remarks pertaining to Broncs' teeth seemed prominent, though.

"Why are his teeth so rotten?" a user asked.

"What's wrong with his teeth?" was another comment.

Elsewhere, Mackenzie was slammed for appearing to fight in front of her children. The star was told that her marital woes shouldn't be voiced in front of her brood, with an upvoted comment also telling Mackenzie to "discipline" her kids. In short, given that the most upvoted responses seemed to be either probing Broncs' teeth, Mackenzie's gym time, or the overall way in which she raises her children, it did seem that the platform was dubbing the star a bad mother.

Fortunately for Mackenzie, less critical comments did send the blonde and her little boy the thumbs-up.

Mackenzie has 780,000 Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Mackenzie should follow her account or watch out for her appearances on Teen Mom OG.