August 17, 2019
Instagram Model Denise Garcia Shows Ex Lonzo Ball What He's Missing, Flaunts Amazing Physique In Tiny Bikini

Denise Garcia is giving Lonzo Ball a big hint of what he's missing.

The model and ex-girlfriend of the NBA player took to Instagram this week to show off her amazing physique in a barely there green bikini. The picture was a huge hit with Garcia's more than 600,000 followers, prompting a number of likes and supportive comments about her "revenge body" after Lonzo was spotted out with a new woman.

"Just WOW," one person commented.

"glowing beauty from inside out bb girl," another added.

Denise Garcia has gotten plenty of attention for her up and down relationship with the former Los Angeles Lakers guard. Their relationship has played a prominent role on the family's Facebook Live reality show, Ball in the Family, and generated interest across the celebrity news landscape. The couple had announced last year that they were splitting up, but there had been some recent hope that Denise and Lonzo could be getting back together again.

As the USA Today's Lonzo Wire noted, the reality show seemed to hint that they were reconciling.

"While neither Garcia or Ball would outright admit it, the two were interviewed together by the producers, something that hasn't happened in multiple seasons. The two appear to be more friendly than they have been in quite a while on the show," the report noted.

But those reports seemed to be shot down just days later when Lonzo was spotted on several outings with a new girlfriend, Ally Rossel.

There are plenty of other changes ahead for Lonzo Ball, who was shipped off to the New Orleans Pelicans as part of the blockbuster trade that sent Anthony Davis to the Lakers. As The Inquisitr noted, the move could have a big impact on Big Baller Brand, the footwear company started by Lonzo's dad, Lavar Ball. Lonzo has been the face of the brand and his presence in Los Angeles was seen as a major boost, leaving it unclear what the move to New Orleans could mean for the family business.

But Denise Garcia seems unfazed by the changes, and has continued to use her own Instagram page to grow her modeling career. She has shared a number of sponsored posts, including the most recent racy bikini shot that was promoting the online fashion giant Fashion Nova. She also shares a number of posts showing off the couple's young daughter, as well as sharing some bits of the workouts that keep her body in bikini-ready shape all the time.