August 17, 2019
Victoria Justice Sizzles In Wet-Effect Latex Dress

Victoria Justice is heating up Instagram. The Victorious alum may not make headlines on former co-star Ariana Grande's level, but this beauty has her fans. The 26-year-old comes armed with 17.3 million followers.

Late last night, Victoria updated her account. The brunette sent out two photos of herself leaning against a glitzy, old-fashioned white car. While the street setting had a slight vintage vibe – largely thanks to the vehicle – Victoria herself was looking bang on-trend and definitely modern. The brunette was rocking a strappy and knee-length dress in eye-catching and wet-effect latex. Bold burgundy hues perfectly contrasted against the star's fair skin, although the glossy and reflective materials were almost taking center stage.

The star had her slim and shapely legs on show – likewise, her slender arms and sculpted shoulders. Some unusual straps around the Zoey 101 alum's shoulders drew the eye to her upper half, but by and large, this dress was ticking boxes from every angle.

Victoria paired her sexy number with black, heeled ankle boots that further elongated her legs. The star appeared with her trademark long brown hair, bold red lips, and discreet eye makeup accentuating her features. While Victoria's first photo showed her almost in semi-profile, the second delivered the beauty in full-frontal positioning as she pierced the camera with a direct gaze.

Victoria's update definitely didn't go unnoticed. It had racked up over 316,000 likes within 11 hours of going live. The same time frame brought over 1,380 fans into the post's comments section.

Despite Victoria's Zoey 101 Lola Martinez character being a thing of the 2000s, the actress behind the much-loved Lola is still interviewed about her time on the Nickelodeon series. Earlier this year, Pop Sugar sat down with Victoria to go through all things old-school. The media outlet probed Victoria for her most memorable hair moment on the series, with Justice happy to oblige with a response.

"When the show first introduced my character, I was pranking the girls, and tricking them into thinking I was a goth girl. [The crew] had me wear this really short, really blond spiky wig. I had a nose ring, it was a fun," she said.

Victoria then dished out some helpful information for her fans.

"A piece of advice I'd give [my younger self] would be to grow out my side bangs. They looked so awkward, and I had them for so long. I don't know why I thought they looked good. They didn't look that good," she added.

Fans would likely agree that Victoria's hair was nothing short of perfect in her update.