August 17, 2019
'World's Hottest Weather Girl' Yanet Garcia Sticks Out Booty In Sexy Workout Video

Yanet Garcia, who has been dubbed by some as the "World's hottest weather girl," kept her 11 million Instagram followers on their toes with her newest post.

The workout video, which has been watched over 693,000 times so far, showed her doing a series of exercises to keep her body in tip-top shape. The clip, which began with Yanet glancing over her right shoulder at the camera, showed her doing squats with weights in her hands. She stuck out her booty as she lowered the weight, and repeated the exercise multiple times.

Meanwhile, the weather girl sported skintight leggings, a white, long-sleeved top, and a baseball hat.

Garcia was spotted inside a workout studio, which had barres across the wall, along with windows that overlooked a green landscape.

Yanet also shared a new photo a couple of days ago. It showed her posing inside an elevator with her boyfriend, Lewis Howes. He grabbed Garcia's legs as she straddled him for the selfie.

Yanet wore a bright yellow sweater, which she paired with light denim. The jeans had large rips in the front. Meanwhile, Howes wore a black shirt. The pair both wore sunglasses.

Even though the photo received over 417,000 likes, the comments section was filled with tons of critical messages.

One comment, in particular, received over 840 likes.

"U 2 on a different cringe level," they complained.

This message set off a string of other criticisms from fans.

"Yea he's like 50 and she's like idk 22," said a fan.

"He's actually 36. I just looked up his age. He just looks 50," added a follower.

The age difference between the pair isn't as much as many seem to think. Yanet is 28-years-old, and Lewis is 36-years-old. That means their age difference is eight years.

Another comment, which was also critical of the boyfriend, received over 420 likes.

"Failing to lift her up there?" jabbed an Instagram user.

Other followers had various other criticism for Howes.

"He will be gone by the end of the year," predicted a fan.

"I feel sorry for that guy she's gonna eventually toss to the curb," said another fan.

But not everyone was hating on the pair.

"This dude living the best life," commented a follower.

"Do u guys think he knows how lucky he is?" asked another follower.

Others were more concerned about finding out about the placement of the heart-eyes emoji.

"Why did u cover the back part?" wondered a curious fan.