August 16, 2019
MMA News: UFC President Dana White Comments On Conor McGregor Punching Elderly Man

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported the news of a released surveillance video from inside an Irish pub which allegedly shows Conor McGregor attacking an elderly man. According to reports, the UFC star punched the man in the face for refusing to take a shot of his whiskey, which he had reportedly bought for all of the patrons in the bar that day.

The footage only made the news this past Thursday, but the incident supposedly took place back in April -- and UFC president Dana White has known about it since then.

Citing an interview White conducted with The Jim Rome Show, Wrestling Inc. reported that McGregor is the culprit who appears on the footage while revealing that Thursday's news didn't come as a surprise to White.

"I knew that happened, they just got the video. It's pretty bad. Not allegedly, it's pretty clear. Apparently this was in a pub in Ireland and it was an argument over whiskey. Conor has a whiskey now and it was an argument over the whiskey and Conor reaches out and hits him with a left hook. I don't know the context of it. I don't know the entire story but he punches a guy, an older man, in the face."
In the interview, White said that he talked to McGregor a few weeks ago, although the incident in question didn't come up in their conversation.

According to White, there's always drama involving his fighters, but he does believe that McGregor needs to stop with this type of behavior.

"I just don't know when he wakes up and says, 'I've got to stop doing this.'"
The UFC president revealed that McGregor's actions have cost the star "millions," as he had also been accused of smashing a fan's phone in Miami in a separate incident from earlier this year, as documented previously by Bleacher Report.
McGregor was charged with assault for the incident, but he managed to avoid jail time by agreeing to a plea deal. Now that he's narrowly dodged a prison sentence, he can focus on returning to the octagon.

White believes that he'll face the winner of the Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier fight for the unified lightweight title.

The former opponent will likely be McGregor's main target, as it's arguably the most bankable bout in combat sports due to the well-documented bad blood between the pair.

As noted by The Inquisitr, the two men have been sparring on social media since the brawl that occurred after their fight last year at UFC 229.

Their exchanges have been ugly, but they've practically guaranteed that their next fight will be a box office draw.