August 17, 2019
Mackenzie McKee Denies Cheating Allegations Against Husband, Defends Announcing Split On Social Media

Just one day before her six-year wedding anniversary, Teen Mom OG mom Mackenzie McKee announced that she and her husband, Josh McKee, had split. The announcement came via social media and fan reactions were all over the place after hearing the surprising news.

Some wondered why she was airing her personal business on the internet, but Mackenzie clapped back and defended her decision. Not only that, but Mackenzie also denied claims that her husband cheated on her after an insider spoke to OK! Magazine and claimed Josh cheated on his wife.

On Thursday, OK! Magazine reported that a source claimed that Josh cheated on Mackenzie back in April at a bar in Fort Worth, Texas.

The insider claimed that Josh and another guy entered the bar and met with a group of girls. Reportedly, Josh began chatting with a girl with long blond hair and soon after, they allegedly started making out before leaving the bar holding hands. The insider said they assumed that Josh and Mackenzie were not together.

OK! reached out to the couple, and Josh said the allegations were "bull crap." Mackenzie also said she had "proof" that the claims are lies. On Friday, Mackenzie spoke to The Ashley's Reality Roundup and spoke more in depth about the claims and her thoughts on them.

"I know the two girls who called in. I have already been through all of this, talked to everyone there along with their husbands. Tell the two girls nice try! I had already gotten to the bottom of this months ago. This is insane."
As fans may recall, on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie feared that her husband had cheated on her while away for work. However, she confronted him and the two worked things out. Despite seemingly working things out, and Mackenzie and Josh denying the latest allegations, the mom-of-three announced on Friday that she was "freshly single."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mackenzie made the announcement via Twitter and Instagram. She cited "stress," "media," and her needing to "stay focused" as reasons for the split.

After announcing that her marriage "needed a break," Mackenzie was told that Twitter was "no place" for her business. Mackenzie then took to Twitter and defended her decision and why she chose to make the announcement herself via the social networking site.
"My business is all over twitter being untrue and out of my control. I am on a tv show which shares my real life. The good and bad. I can tweet what I want. If it comes from me, ya know it's true."
Mackenzie not only appears on Teen Mom OG as a "guest mom," but she is also heavily into fitness and has her own program, "Body By Mac." Aside from dealing with marriage troubles, Mackenzie's mom is battling cancer, another aspect of Mackenzie's life that has been shared on the show. With the season finale of Teen Mom OG set to air on Monday night, it is unclear whether or not Mackenzie will return for another season of the show.