October 29, 2019
Amber Heard Trashed By Own Fans In See-Through White Dress

Amber Heard seems to have been receiving mixed feedback to her latest social media post. The Justice League actress took to Instagram earlier today with a stylish display that appeared to be a reminder of the 33-year-old's love of designer brands.

Amber's photo was shot in a low-key setting that reflected her caption-mentioned "laundry day." The blonde was surrounded by white shelving, folded linens, and what looked like a bit of an overflowing pile of fabrics. Amber herself was matching her surrounding, as she was dressed in white, although her look was no regular deal.

The star had been photographed from the thigh up in a stunning white dress with bridal aspects. The gown was mostly sheer, with intricate lace embellishments dressing it up, and an opaque chest panel steering clear of any cleavage-flashing. With puffy sleeve details and what appeared to be high-end fabrics, the dress was likely ticking boxes for all fashionistas.

Amber posed for her photo with her signature blond locks loose around her shoulders, and she wore bright red lipstick and smoky-eyed cosmetics to add an extra effect. A somewhat subdued expression seemed to reflect Amber's caption; the star took the humorous route by suggesting that she simply couldn't find any other clothing. Her words appeared to be tongue-in-cheek.

It looks like some of Amber's fans have been giving her the thumbs down. While a fair chunk of the 495-plus comments left to Amber's update offered the actress praise, some of the most popular comments seemed to be straight-up slamming the photo and its caption.

The most upvoted comment gave Amber some harsh words.

"Your Instagram seems to be just you kinda digging for compliments. Do something with your celebrity platform, endorse a candidate to beat trump, fight for immigrants, fight for women, something that makes a difference. Geeze"
"I like how you promote shallowness in 95% of your posts then you randomly go 'women power'. Lol," another commenter said, which received upvotes.

The actress was also told that her image was representing a "major faux pas."

The most-upvoted comment appeared to call Heard an attention-seeker, and Amber's fans jumped to her defense by pointing out the various causes she has backed with her activist ways. The comment still received its upvotes.For the most part, the backlash seemed to center around the designer mention. This, in itself, tends to generate a stir on celebrity social media accounts. From Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian's lavish Louis Vuitton or Lamborghini displays, to Cardi B spoiling daughter Kulture with designer goods, the celebrity bling display comes with a downside.

Fortunately for Amber, not all comments were negative. Fans wishing to see more of Amber should follow her Instagram.