August 16, 2019
Gun-Toting Bikini Model Kristen Strout Busts Out Of Bulletproof Vest & Black Booty Shorts

Kristen Strout is back on Instagram. This weapons-loving bikini model has offered her social media followers another killer update; Kristen's fanbase seems to dig everything from her hard-hitting ways and fierce attitude, to her sizzling body and stunning face.

Kristen's photo today showed her in what appears to be her favorite setting. The model had been photographed in a field with a Nashville, Tennessee, geotag. When it comes to embracing the all-American spirit, this girl definitely flies the flag.

Kristen was looking army-ready in a camouflaged bulletproof vest. The protective outerwear seemed to be shielding Strout from any damage, and she wasn't wearing anything underneath. The model's sexy cleavage was making its mark today, although this blonde has a knack for steering clear of vulgarity. Curves will be displayed, but something about Kristen's updates seem to generate a mixture of fear, respect, and the inevitable wowing. This star is, after all, a model.

Kristen had paired her vest with a tiny pair of black booty shorts. The star's strong and slim legs were on show, with fans also getting a glimpse of her tattoos. The model posed gun-in-hand with a sharp and sideways gaze. She also wore green gloves and had some ammunition tucked into the tactical vest.

A fun caption from Kristen spoke of protection; clearly, this model comes with as much beauty as she does wit.

Kristen's update today quickly proved popular. It has racked up over 7,900 likes in the span of seven hours. The same time frame brought over 193 fans to the post's comments section. Responses gave Kristen the thumbs-up for her fierce attitude and sizzling look, with many fans mentioning the statement weapon.Kristen's Instagram bio points toward a multi-faceted career. The star refers to her status as a bikini model, but she likewise mentions being a car and promo girl. Also mentioned are Kristen's love of country music and her favorite Corvette.
In terms of updates, Kristen's feed offers her trademark look, and variety. While some updates will see the model rocking Daisy Dukes and gingham shirts in the hay, others will see her on quad bikes in forest settings. Of course, given that Kristen's career includes bikini modeling, fans will be treated to regular two-piece displays.

Kristen has 887,000 Instagram followers. Unlike many rising swimwear faces on the platform, Kristen does not appear to have her eye on any Hollywood stars. Her account does not follow any of the industry's major faces.

Fans wishing to see more of Kristen should give her Instagram a follow.